Kitesurfing in Denmark – Learn Kitesurfing in September and October

Join us in the Hawaii of the North !

Denmark is not necessarily the first destination that pops into your head when you are thinking of where to go on a kite holiday. However, Denmark actually boasts some amazing conditions and spots for kiting; from flat water sessions in large Fjords to wave sessions in the North Sea, the only difference is you need to swap your bikini for a 5:4 wetsuit.

The Danish Red Bull King of the Air is also kicking off from 13th September so you could be sharing the same coastline with some of the best kiters in the World! I’ts called Cold Hawaii Big Air and the winner gets a slot for next years KOTA in Cape Town.

With travel still being limited in so many destinations we have created our own KiteWorldWide village for you, right next to one of the best flat water spots (Nissum Fjord) and just 30 minutes drive from numerous other spots. This means we can all kite and hang out together, for beginners and intermediate kiters we will be running lessons everyday at the Fjord, for the more experienced or free kiters we will be organising kite trips and missions to the various spots in the area. Our kite school is being run by our partners KiteBoarding Events so the best service and fast progression is guaranteed.

On the 28th of August the KiteWorldWide and the Kiteboarding-Events Team arrived in Denmark and was welcomed with bright sunshine and best wind. A few hours later everything was set up and ready for the first guests in KiteWorldWide Village Denmark.Team

Denmarks’ landscape is also breath-taking with its wild endless beaches and rugged landscapes it gives you the opportunity to step back and just breathe in nature. Our Village is set right in the sand dunes with separate Danish cabins and a central house. The house is the heart of our village where we will all congregate to eat and relax with a glass of something by the fire and discuss all the adventures of the day or just let the sound of the sea as it rushes in and out relax us.

Our team arrived at the weekend and with great excitement got the house ready and unpacked all of the kite gear. There is something so special about unpacking new kites and boards, as you untie the bow and hear the crinkling sound of the kite as you unfold it for the first time or screw in the fins to an untouched board. We have the latest kite gear from Duotone and Core Kiteboarding.

The first session on the fjord near Fjand Badeby was also successful and check out the space in this picture ! As you can see the water is pretty flat, so perfect for a freestyle session or to learn kitesurfing.

Having a break from kiting you can also chill with a good book directly at the water soaking up the warm sun of Denmark, because the life here in Denmark is “Hygge” that means living without stress or that constant feeling of being in a hurry.

Kite Holiday with dog? Sure! There is enough space for the dogs and they are more than happy to join.

Want to join us in Denmark, give us a call on +2036085777 or drop us an email we look forward to hearing from you.

Until then a friendly Danish “Vi Ses”.

Here is an overview of all event dates:

September 2020

19.09. – 26.09. ampel-orange
26.09. – 03.10. ampel-gruen

October 2020

03.10. – 10.10. ampel-orange
10.10. – 17.10. ampel-rot
17.10. – 24.10. ampel-gruen
24.10. – 31.10. ampel-gruen