Windy Kitesurfing Season Opening on Djerba in April

Kitesurf Destination Djerba is ready for the first guests

It was quite some work for the team of the KiteWorldWide Village Djerba in the past weeks – for the owner Tarek, who built the spacious and beautiful facility about 10 years ago – and the KiteWorldWide Team, which we introduced to you in the last Djerba Blog. The whole hotel was turned inside out and we did our own little pre-opening even before the guests arrived. Food was tested, rooms were inaugurated, blankets were tried, service was improved. For the kitesurf spot there are new beach beds, tents, boards in surfboard shape. There is a lot going on, but the list of things we want to get is not getting any smaller. With every thing we get done, two new ones are added to the list

  • incredible amounts of brand new kitesurfing gear from CORE Kiteboarding, Flysurfer and Mystic: ✅
  • Deal with a transfer company, so that everyone can get to the spot quickly and safely in a comfortable bus: ✅
  • Wifi on the spot: ✅
  • Music at the spot: also ✅
  • Lunch: ✅ Anyone can place an order in the morning and we will deliver on time for the kitesurfing session lunch break. Salad, Pizza, Chawarma. Delicious. 
  • Water dispenser with large gallons to avoid plastic waste: ✅
  • SUPs, beach tennis, volleyball: ✅

Friday, the 12th of April was the day. The first guests arrived. Exciting. A total of 25 people were in the almost full house at the start of the season on Saturday. 

kitesurfen-djerba kitesurfen-djerba kitesurfen-djerba

Djerbas Must do Activities: Djerbahood & Guelalla

The first two days were very warm, summer sun. So off to the beach. The beginners came with light wind to the first flying lessons at the Flysurfer Viron beginner kites. But the next day the wind was a bit slow. No problem, in a Djerba holiday there are a lot of other things to discover.

Sunday is market in Erriadh, a small sleepy village in the middle of the island. Rather a market for locals, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. But the real attraction of the village is Djerbahood. Everywhere in the village you can find street art, because in 2015 there were 150 graffiti artists from all over the world to bring over 250 paintings to the ancient walls. Really cool.

djerbahood-streetart-djerba djerbahood-streetart-djerba


Monday morning was “the calm before the storm”: In the afternoon a wind change was announced and so we spent the morning in Guelalla. In this small village in the southwest of Djerba Berber families live and produce traditionally clay from the hills around the village. They process these into beautiful potteries. One quickly falls into one of the tourist traps. Since we had bought pots in the days before with the owner of the hotel in Guelalla, we have – apart from the mass tourist streams – a traditional pottery workshop. The pottery was explained here. Fortunately, Achraf, our local employee, was there to translate. Nobody speaks English here. 

djerba-guelalla-toepferworkshop djerba-guelalla-toepferworkshop

Every day wind for kitesurfing in April on Djerba

From Tuesday the wind was on. Every day wind at the perfect shallow water spot. The beginners get their money’s worth quickly. The advanced too. The first smaller kites are unpacked. East wind situation. Awesome! Plus sun, summer, sunshine

Kitesurfing courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced kitesurfers in the shallow water lagoon

For the Kitesurf Instructor Team around Linus, Loni, Osvaldo & Soufienne it will be quite exhausting now. Training from morning till evening. In between team meetings, taking photos, organizing things. If someone thinks that being a kitesurf instructor is a holiday, he can take a look at the (virtual) time clocks here. In the morning at 7.30 am yoga classes are starting, before 11 pm nobody is in bed. But no one will notice anything, the feedback from the guests is too good, who are continuously stoked by the kite sessions at the huge shallow water lagoon on Djerba. 

kitesurfen-djerba kitesurfen-djerba

Kitesurf Coaching by the German Master Linus Erdmann

Linus is also present and gives lessons. The rush is too big, the students are excited to get on the water. Normally there are “only” VIP coachings with Linus. Here, in the first few weeks of the kitesurfing season on Djerba, he also gives kitesurfing courses for intermediate kitesurfers. 


Yoga & massages during your kite holiday on Djerba

Gabi & Loni provide the necessary relaxation in the morning. At half past eight, the day begins with bright sunshine on the yoga mat. Afterwards breakfast with fresh juice, fruits, pancakes, bread, homemade jam and a kind of semolina porridge. Typically djerbian. 

kiteworldwide village djerba

And if someone is still tense after the kite session, the trained massage therapist Gabi provides the necessary relaxation. She specializes in the muscles of tense kitesurfers in Cape Verde. Now she is on Djerba for a few months before returning to Sal. 

yoga kitesurfen djerba

Easter for kitesurfing on Djerba

The first week is almost over. Nothing is more rewarding than the happy faces of the guests being pulled across the water by the kite for the first time. This weekend the wind is on fire. We are completely full, the team has to move together. Over 30 guests are waiting for us. We are looking forward to ultimate Easter week and wind. The forecast for kitesurfing looks really, really good. Maybe even a bit too good. But in case of need there is a Magaloop show by Linus and Osvaldo. We are curious. 


Wind Forecast Djerba Easter 2019