Kitesurfing course in our KiteWorldWide Kiteschools

On our kitesurfing holidays for beginners we not only take you to the best kitesurfing spots in the world, but also assist you by learning how to kitesurf. From the first time you set up your kite until the first few meters on the kiteboard – you will be in good hands at our kitesurfing course.

You’re surely reading a sentence like this often when searching for a good and suitable kitesurfing course. That’s why we don’t just write this one sentence, but also give you ten good reasons why a kitesurfing course at KiteWorldWide will take you further than anything else:

  1. Kitesurfing courses in licensed schools
  2. Own kitesurf center
  3. New training techniques
  4. Perfect spots to learn kitesurfing
  5. Connection to other kiters after the kitesurfing course
  6. Kitesurf equipment – suitable for beginners
  7. Kitesurf Know How
  8. Kitesurfing courses in small groups
  9. Exclusive kitesurfing courses with our team riders
  10. International environment during and after the course

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Kitesurfing courses in licensed kite schools

We solely work with kite schools or run own kite centres, which have been certified by the VDWS or the IKO. This means that all kitesurf instructors who work here had a qualified training and you can always be sure that you get the most out of your kitesurfing course, no matter which destination you are in.

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KiteWorldWide kitesurf center

In Brazil, Dakhla, Sri Lanka and Djerba we run our own kitesurf centres and train with the latest equipment from Core Kiteboarding and Flysurfer. We always make sure that you find a perfect kitesurfing infrastructure: a storage where you can store your equipment safely, a possibility to clean your gear with fresh water and of course a launch and landing service so that your session starts and ends safely.

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New training techniques in your kitesurfing course

We are always working to improve our training methods in our kitesurfing courses. This includes not only steady training for our kitesurf instructors, but also new techniques. Since 2018 we provide the radio system BBTalkin. With this technique, kitesurfing students and instructors communicate with each other on the water. The kitesurfing student gets a direct input to their technique and not only when he or she is back on the beach. With this method our kitesurfing courses have become much more effective and the students can make a faster and better progress.

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Perfect spots to learn kitesurfing

We select all our kitesurfing destinations very, very carefully. Especially when it comes to choosing a beginner destination, we are a bit more critical than usual. Of course, your kitesurfing destination should be windy in the first place, so that you can surely get on the water. But it shouldn’t be too stormy either, because that could be a bit frightening at the beginning. We also make sure that during your kitesurfing course you don’t have to concentrate on anything else than learning to kitesurf. This means that you won’t find any obstacles above or below the water. No fishing boats, no fish traps, no buoys, no rocks and nothing else what could make your kitesurfing course dangerous in any way.

We also pay attention to the predominant wind direction at our kitesurfing beginners spots. The best wind is constant, one-shore, not too strong and brings you safely back to the shore. A pure side-onshore wind is also possible, best in combination with a bay at the end of the spot that serves as a “catch basin”.

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Connection to other kitesurfers after the kitesurfing course

The first challenge has been successfully mastered: you’ve finished your kitesurfing course and maybe already ridden the first few meters on the board. Congratulations! But for most people their new hobby kitesurfing comes to a standstill as soon as their back home and their first euphoria is over. And if you don’t have many other friends who go kitesurfing regularly and just made a few loose contacts in your hotel during the holidays, your kitesurfing career will be over soon.

That’s why we have our own accommodation especially for kitesurfers, where you will find a lot of like-minded people. Everybody, wheter beginner or professional, live here with us under the same roof and eat together at the same long table. This makes it easier to catch up with new kitesurfing friends or to join the group when you’re travelling alone.

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Kitesurf equipment – suitable for beginners

You don’t have to buy your own equipment before your first kitesurfing course. As a beginner it is very difficult to get an overview of the whole kitesurf equipment market. Before you end up getting angry because you have bought the wrong equipment, you should rely on the know-how of our kitesurfing schools. In our kitesurfing schools we work together with the premium brands Core Kiteboarding and Flysurfer. Both brands attach great importance to safety and we only use their latest material in our kitesurfing courses. Therefore you don’t have to worry about your safety.

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Kitesurf Know How

It sounds so simple, but it’s not self-evident for all kitesurf course providers. We know exactly what we are doing and are absolutely specialized in kitesurfing in general and kitesurfing holidays in particular. With us you don’t get your kitesurfing course as part of a big sport section besides riding, volleyball or golf. We concentrate exclusively on kitesurfing and pass on our knowledge to you. Starting with the consultation in our Hamburg office up to your local kitesurfing course.

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Kitesurfing courses in small groups

Another factor for the success of your kitesurfing career is the size of your kitesurfing course group. Smaller groups have the advantage that the kitesurfing instructor can intensively deal with each student. Individual goals can be discussed and realized, but also problems or even fears can be overcome better. In smaller groups you will also have more time on the kite during your kitesurfing course – this means that you will have a quicker routine in handling your kite, feel safer and progress faster.

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Exclusive kitesurfing courses with our team riders

With Linus Erdmann and Tom Court we have two real kitesurfing pros in our team. Linus was German Freestyle Champion for the fifth time in 2018 and is currently Germany’s most successful kitesurfer. Tom Court has also bagged a British championship title and is known from his video series like “The Kitelauncher” or “Court in the Act”. With both we have put together special kite camps and coachings that go beyond a normal kitesurfing course. In Linus’ VIP Coaching you can always book exclusive coaching with Linus when he is in one of our destinations (like Zanzibar and Tatajuba for example). The all-rounder doesn’t really care with which problem you come to him. Whether you want to learn a certain trick, get into the waves or learn foil kitesurfing – Linus is more than helpful in all disciplines.

If you’re looking for a real kite camp where you can improve your skills for a week, then our Slice of Life Clinics with Tom are the best place for you. The likeable Brit shows you in his kitesurfing course the life of a professional kiter. You start your morning with some fitness training, then you’ll go out on the water while Tom coaches and films you and in the evening you evaluated your kite day with a beer (or two, or three…).

International environment during and after the course

Find out more about how a kitesurfing course is conducted and how to learn kitesurfing in general in our Kitesurfing Learning Guide for Beginners.