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It is getting colder in Europe – at least here in Hamburg autumn is already well noticeable and this means that Christmas is getting closer and closer. It’s time that we travel behind the wind and the warmth and set off for other destinations! New Year’s Eve under the starry sky in Zanzibar, or Christmas under palm trees in the windy Tatajuba or a little closer in Egypt? How about a Braai over the rooftops of Cape Town with a view of Table Mountain instead of a traditional Christmas goose? Christmas without the hustle and bustle of Christmas carols and get to know the culinary delights of other countries. Sounds good? Then here we have an exact overview of our destinations for your New Year’s Eve party or a Christmas of a different kind!

Here is a colorful compilation of our various medium- and long-haul destinations with availability at the turn of the year. If you’d rather stay at home between the years than hang out in the sun under the kite, we’ve also put the free places for you in the Christmas season in the table. Below the overview, you will find a few “decision supports”.


DestinationAvailability at the end of the year
Cape Verde: SalIn our KiteWorldWide House on Sal will be one room available from December 26th. Also four of our modern studios will be available to you from December 28th.
South Africa: Cape TownIn our KiteWorldWide Mansion in Cape Town is only one room left until the end of December. Over New Year's Eve until mid-January we are completely booked out.
Brazil: TatajubaAt the moment you still have the chance to book one of our comfortable Bungalows in Tatajuba. There will be more rooms available to you from the first week of January.
Egypt: Seahorse BayOur accommodations in the Seahorse Bay are from the end of December until the first week of January entirely booked. Only three rooms are still available until December 27th. From the first week of January, some more of our modern yet individual rooms are available again.
Morocco: DakhlaWant to stay in your own mini villa (of which you can find a 3D tour here), a traditional Moroccan Riad turned hotel, or a chic Loft Room; all while being a mere stone's throw away from our big shallow lagoon? If so, Dakhla is the place to be in December and January!
Morocco: EssaouiraOur beautiful traditional Moroccan townhouses (known as Riads) in Essaouira are nearly all booked; only one room is available until December 26th.
Zanzibar: JambianiTurquoise water, a vast coral reef, and summer all year round - Zanzibar might just be the perfect place to escape to during the winter months. Thus, almost all rooms in our certified ecologically sustainable Red Monkey Lodge are already booked until the end of January, so there is no time to be wasted.
Sri Lanka: KalpitiyaAlmost all of our beautiful rooms in the KiteWorldWide Lagoon Lodge are booked. There are only two rooms still available until December 30th.

For more information and precise availability dates feel free to send us an inquiry or call us at +44 20 36085 777.

If you want your Christmas and New Year’s Eve to be warm and most of all windy, then here you go…

Cape Verde: Sal – Kitesurfing at Christmas and New Year’s Eve

+ New in 2018: Diving for non-kiting fellows / rare no-wind days  
+ The KiteWorldWide Kite House
+ Live comfortably and together with like-minded people experiencing a unique atmosphere
+ Most reliable spot for winter, only 6 flying hours away
+ New, professional kite station of Mitu Monteiro at the Kite Beach
+ Learn to (wave-)kite surf from the world champion
+ Daily kite shuttle, as well as other activities, included
+ Season runs from October to May
+ Kitesurfing with Mitu – exclusively at KiteWorldWide

If you want to know where to go for kitesurfing at Cape Verde, you’ll discover an astounding array of spots. Santa Maria in the south is a great and nearly perfect spot for wave kitesurfing beginners with small waves. West of Santa Maria is where you will find Mitu and Djo’s professional kitesurfing school. This is also the only place in the bay where you can kitesurf, as the wind comes in side-shore to side-onshore.

The KiteWorldWide Guest House – also know as the former “Turtle House” – is the perfect accommodation for Christmas and New Years Eve. Throughout the house, it’s kitesurfers only, so only people who share your passion. You will also find large community chill out areas and the kitchen which brings you together with people from all over the world for cooking, dining, and kitesurfing.

South Africa: Cape Town – Kitesurfing at Christmas and New Year’s Eve

+ Enjoy the best spots, trips and Cape Town’s nightlife with Juli, Martin, and Marci from Kiteboarding Events
+ KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town: lifestyle-loft-villa right at the spot
+ Unbelievable variety of spots
+ Numerous possibilities for activities and trips
+ Great community feeling at the Mansion
+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide

End the year with one last downwinder in the waves of Cape Town, only to start the next year with all the other kite surfers at the party at the KiteWorldWide Mansion. The west coast, north of Cape Town, offers a variety of spots for all tastes and skills. Since the wind is amplified there by different thermal and topographic effects, a distance of just a few kilometers already has a great impact on the conditions. Our partners, Marci and Jana, from KiteboardingEvents, will give you some insider tips to the different spots so that you won’t miss anything. Therefore we also have a special free rent service of GoPro cameras. Marci will show you some tools and how to snip your personal holiday clips.

Right outside the door of the KiteWorldWide Mansion, you will find the Sunset Beach, a spot that would actually be enough for a two-weeks-time kite trip. Depending on the swell, there are waves from one to several meters. Sunset Beach is more suitable for advanced kitesurfers. Unlike St. Peter Ording with its “choppy chaos”, you will find nice, long, “glassy-flats” in between the waves, where you can take a run for the next wave kicker.

Brazil: Tatajuba – Kitesurfing at Christmas and New Year’s Eve

+ NEW: half board for ALL KiteWorldWide guests starting in 2018
+ Single Special – In the whole of July there is no single room supplement
+ Beach-side accommodations
+ Incredibly beautiful pousada located at a very uncrowded kite spot

+ VDWS kite center managed by KiteWorldWide
+ Flatwater spot in front of the door and other spots nearby
+ Best wind in Brazil
+ Jericoacoara only 45 min. away
+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide

Usually, it’s the snow that crunches under your shoes at Christmas and the winter jacket could be even thicker. If you prefer board shorts or bikini over the turn of the year, then pack your suitcases and off to Tatajuba. From the KiteWorldWide Pousada in Tatajuba, it’s only a few steps to the beach. And then you are already directly at the kite spot. From here it’s just: Launch the kite, put the board to your feet and go! Go wild on the shallow water lagoon or plunge into the waves. No matter what your kite heart desires, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. To give you new strength after the session, the pousada has its own small restaurant where you can get lovingly prepared local cuisine.

Egypt:  Seahorse Bay – Kitesurfing at Christmas and New Year’s Eve

+ Family-like atmosphere at Ibi & Friends Kiteclub Seahorse Bay
+ Living right at the spot, without TukTuk rides
+ Complete packages for beginner, intermediate and advanced
+ Limited availability for more space on the water
+ From bed to board: 20 meters from your room to the spot
+ Holiday destination for single travelers, families, and couples

Thanks to a large shallow water area and a constant wind direction, the spot in front of Seahorse Bay is excellent for anyone who wants to learn to kitesurf or improve their skills. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about too little space to try it out. Our limited guest places guarantee a good training in small groups as well as sufficient free space on the water.

After the extensive kite sessions, you have it from the beach not far to the kite school and your accommodation. The Ibi & Friends is located directly at the spot. So during a short break, you can put your feet up on the roof terrace and watch the others while having a cool drink.

Morocco: Dakhla – Kitesurfing at Christmas and New Year’s Eve

+ Exclusive spa and Moroccan hammam
+ Stunning Kite Villa Camp exclusively for Kiteworldwide 
+ Diverse, shallow flat water spot in front of the camp and wave spots around the corner
+ Perfect wind conditions from March to October, good wind from November to February
+ VDWS licensed kite center  under KiteWorldWide management 
+ New flight times mean no more overnight layovers

Directly at the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp, you will find the kite lagoon, which makes flat-water fans hearts’ beat two times faster and enables beginners to quickly make their first meters on the board. The spot is influenced by ebb and flow, yet the low tide still leaves the lagoon with sufficient water and space for everyone. Depending on the tidal level you will have a 150m to 300m wide shallow water area just in front of the KiteWorldWide center. This is where 90 % of you will spend most of the time. The ground is sandy without any disturbing rocks or corals and the wind blows constantly and side-shore from the left. Thus, this spot offers the maximum of safety for beginners and ideal conditions for freestylers.

Morocco: Essaouira – Kitesurfing at Christmas and New Year’s Eve

+ The new KiteWorldWide winter destination with an activity package included
+ The KiteWorldWide Riad
+ Great atmosphere in the old town of Essaouira

+ High wind probability
+ KiteWorldWide Guide on site

+ Kitesurf spot with a large shallow area
+ Great for wave beginners and advanced wave kiters, lots of different spots
+ For those who rather push their level together: Kiteboarding Events Essaouira



In our new winter destination, kiters of all levels will enjoy their stay at all times! A huge, 4 km long and about 800 m wide, sandy beach with sideshore wind is the fundament for a perfect Christmas or New Year’s Eve kitesurfing holiday. Especially in the winter time, the spot of Essaouira transforms into a wave-paradise. But still, nice conditions for everyone. In fact, the breaking point of the waves is quite far outside so you’ll find a 100-150 m wide waist-deep water area. Additionally you’ll find yourself having a lot of space and, of course, cheaper flights compared to the main season in summer!

If our beloved wind needs a little break, don’t worry. Just grab a surfboard and get into the waves! Otherwise, you can also experience camel or horse riding or you visit the beautiful Moroccan markets which are famous for their special aromas, materials and diverse foods.

Zanzibar: Jambiani – Kitesurfing at Christmas and New Year’s Eve

+ Giant lagoon, sheltered by a reef, paradise turquoise blue water  
+ Red Monkey Lodge right at the spot
+ Kite center at the lodge with the latest gear
+ Winter and Summer destination
+ Exclusively at KiteWorldWide
+ Season: June – September and December – March

This exclusive kitesurf spot is located directly in front of our lodge on the east coast of Zanzibar in Jambiani. It provides perfect conditions for beginners, advanced riders and freestylers alike. A two-mile-long sandbank forms a large shallow water lagoon, a perfect place for our lessons and training. For our lessons, we only use the newest CORE Kiteboarding gear.


Sri Lanka: Kalpitiya – Kitesurfing at Christmas and New Year’s Eve

+ The first lodge directly at the lagoon with a high standard
+ Massive flat water lagoon with numerous “glassy“ freestyle Spots
+ Super wind-proof during the season
+ Favourable flights, short-term booking possible
+ Delicious and exotic food
+ Professional Kite Center, owned by KiteWorldWide and exclusively for our guests
+ Advanced riders can launch right in front of the lodge in the winter season
+ Free boat shuttle to the other side of the lagoon & lunch in the KiteWorldWide beach hut
+ Sri Lanka is the closest tropic destination from Europe and offers a lot of possibilities for exploring the culture and making day trips
+ Consistent warm and pleasant temperatures
+ Super friendly people on-the-spot and a stunning landscape

There’s pumping wind and about 30°C at Christmas or New Year’s Eve at Kalpitiya. During winter time a shuttle boat will take you to the spot which runs multiple times a day to the other side of the lagoon and is free of charge. In the winter the wind comes from the northeast. It is less strong than in the summertime but with an average of 20 knots this spot offers perfect conditions for beginners and intermediates.
Wind certainty, more space than you can imagine and no obstacles turn this spot into something perfect. Can it get any better? If you want to escape the cold and find your perfect destination for this Christmas or New Years Eve, get your own ticket to the wind!

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