#3 Kite Roadtrip: Rubicon → La Graciosa

15:15 pm: “We have started our descent and will be landing shortly. Please return to proper seating position and switch of all electronic devices until we have reached our final parking position.”

Arrival in Lanzarote:

2h and 20 minutes, a gin and tonic and a powernap later, finally the arrival on Lanzarote. Collecting sports equipment. Taking a taxi to Rubicon in the south of the island, where our Otto Mezzo is already rocking in the water. Flo and Inga, our Gleiten.TV team riders, are already waiting at the offshoot with the other guests and tell us about their last two weeks in the VW bus on the Canary Islands, after a warm catch up. Euphoria is rising. Only Uwe von Gleiten.TV is unlucky with his plane, which arrives 8 hours later due to a technical defect.

Tobi and Cathi, the skippers, have fortunately already bought food. In the evening they have prawns (big shrimps) and calamari (squid), of course with a glass of Spanish white wine. Cheers. The route will be discussed over dinner. Finding the best kitespots and downwinders ✓ Map sketching ✓ Calculating wind, currents and darkness ✓ Just in case: Plan B ✓ Plan C ✓ Researching the best fish restaurants ✓ Another glass of white wine. And then it’s time to say goodnight. Getting in the bunk.

2:00 am : Uwe arrives. The crew is complete! Ship Ahoy

Saturday 24.03.2018:

With the first seagull screech they depart. It is fresh and the sun can only be guessed behind the clouds. Sailing day no. 1. 40 nautical miles against the wind, the crew gets shaken quite a bit.

Heading north. Good that Tobi and Cathi can steer the catamaran alone, because the other guests were partly out of action and quite happy when the anchor is lowered after 8 hours. Teambuilding ✓


Arrival at La Graciosa. Everyone’s stomach is growling because it’s late. The Otto Mezzo docks in the harbour and the whole crew gets to work.  Jürgen unpacks his cooking skills. There are 2kg of white sea bass, which Jürgen sears with garlic and parsley in much, very much, olive oil. Served with Mediterranean grilled vegetables from the oven. Welcome to gourmet heaven!


A glass of wine and then everyone goes to the cabin to be fit for their first kite session.

Sunday 25.03.2018:

Sun is up! The crew stands on the deck with coffee in their hands and bright sunshine on their faces. Fill up on Vitamin Sea, enjoy the landscape and look forward to the upcoming kite session. The perfect beginning into the day. A quick look at the anemometer. Super wind conditions all day long✓ After an extensive breakfast they jump onto the boards.

11:00 am: First kite session: twin tip, foil and waveboard. The cameramen Uwe and Jürgen film one battery after the other empty. Click. Click. Click.

6:00 pm: Getting off the water. All are completely exhausted and pumped full of dopamine. Moments of happiness. In the evening we go to a small village on La Graciosa to a Spanish tapas restaurant.


Die Route: