Linus Travel Diary #1: Sailing Trip to Tarifa with Linus Erdmann

From Hamburg to Amsterdam via Cherbourg to Brest. It was planned to sail with the catamaran Tonia to Tarifa. However, the crew around Linus Erdmann had trouble with the weather. The hurricane Ophelia was too strong to continue sailing. So they drove from Brest to Tarifa by car. About 20 hours of driving were ahead of them. Meanwhile, the other half left Mallorca with another catamaran heading for the Canary Islands. The next Sail & Kite tours along the Canary Islands will take place soon. Whether relaxing breakfast on the catamaran, skating in Cherbourg or arriving in Tarifa: Linus takes you on a journey in his vlogs. It remains exciting where the journey still goes and what the boys and girls will experience in Tarifa: