The Kitesurf World Cup Fehmarn 2017

Just pretend for a second it is the World Cup, but there really is no World Cup. This happened a few months ago to the World Cup in Germany. The organizer of the Kitesurfing World Cup Fehmarn and the WKL, which hosts the Freestyle Kitesurfing competitions, could not reach an agreement.
Then came the news that there would be a Strapless Freestyle event and most of the people we talked to – and we – were very sceptical. “A Strapless event at this spot is never possible “was actually the main opinion.
But it worked – and it was sensational. Stars such as Mitu Monteiro, Airton Cozzolino and currently the best strapless freestyler Matchu Lopez delivered an extraordinary show. Not only during their heats, they just kept driving as long as the wind was blowing. Even after the days of the actual event there was always something on offer. Whether “Best Trick” or Big Air. It was indescribable to see how much “fire” these riders have and with what fun they pursue their “profession”. Hats off!
In between, the Foil Racers ripped like crazy. Winches from 6 to 20 knots were foiled at the competition. Not only against each other, but also against existing records. Florian Gruber broke the “Fehmarn circumnavigation record”set by windsurfer Bernd Flessner in 2009. Not only by a few minutes, but at 1:05 hour, because he needed only 1:43 hours for the approximately 50miles long distance.
In between there were – as always – many wet and happy parties. Certainly the Core Party last Saturday is worth mentioning. We thank you all for the many nice conversations and for the meeting at the bar and the spot.

Act Agency – Photos: Joern Pollex/ HochZwei Photography