KiteWorldWide Team Trip with Gleiten.TV in Sri Lanka / Kalpitiya & Dreamspot

Two years ago, we’ve been to Sri Lanka in almost the same set-up. While being on the trip it became clear that two years are a pretty long time and a lot of things can be changed by then.

Jürgen of the KiteWorldWide Office in Hamburg and his friend were the vanguard. In the afternoon on Ascension Day, they got on their flight with Emirates. A six hours flight to Dubai. After changing the aircraft without any problems and another four hours flight, you get there at 8.30 am local time. Luggage’s arrived, SIM card’s bought and now ready to get on the shuttle bus to hit the KiteWorldWide Lodge in Kalpitiya.

When Jürgen arrived at the lodge, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The new pool area and its corresponding eight new rooms let the facility look like a fancy design hotel, almost presuming a mini resort. Nothing reminds of that a bit austere looking facility anymore. A quick jump right in the pool, then getting the kitesurfing equipment and hitting the water, wind is blowing over 25 knots. To start in front of the lodge works out, but it’s a little tricky. Following a downwinder on the water to the beach hut. This one also had a great update. Now, it also offers a storage area and beach chairs. And both of them are just back in time for lunch.

The following days are full of excessive kitesurfing sessions. The stunning downwinder from Kappalady, both fell for it, because of a swell with waves up to 3 metres in heights which reminds more of Cape Town or Klitmöller. With one huge difference: The water temperature shows 26°C! So the barely 30 km make a lot of fun.

The lodge is well-attended for season opening. 30 additional people sit around the table in the restaurant to consume delicious local delights in the morning and evening with the team. At night, you can choose either beween some drinks at the bar or some cold beers at the pool. But after long hours of kitesurfing sessions, there’s barely any energy left.

To help your bones, Katharina, one of the kite instructors who also attended a yoga instructor course, offers yoga in the morning at sunrise.

One last downwinder from Kappalady is due on that day. But this time without a stop at Kalpitiya but directly to the Dreamspot Eco Kite Lodge.

The rest of the crew is already waiting for them to arrive: Anne of the KiteWorldWide office in Hamburg, Ele, the Italian office manager of KiteWorldWide and Uwe of Gleiten.TV, together with Linus Erdmann, German Kitesurf Champion of four times.

Jürgen has previously visited the lodge two years ago. Back then, it was flooded by a severe storm and was in need of renovation. These renovation works are almost completed and the first guests are about to arrive in July. The team is not only in charge of making videos and taking pictures, but also of checking the renovation works, preparing checklists with the hotel and instructing the hotel management for the special needs of our kitesurfing guests.

Also on this spot, kitesurfing is number one priority. Heading to the beach hut at the dreamspot is the first trip. Anne & Linus bang out a trick, one after another, at 25 knots and flatwater. The beach is accompanied by other facilities including toilets.

On the following day, the guests of the Kite Lodge Kalpitiya make a trip to the Dreamspot. Partly via downwinder up halfway. In the evening, the first big challenge for the kitchen staff of the Dreamspot Eco Kite Lodge is on: a barbecue for more than 30 guests. They offer shrimp, prawns and teriyaki chicken.  The “Sri Lanka Libre” including local red rum, limes and coke sell like hot cake. So the way home by tractor under the starry sky stays an unique experience.

The following days, the team explores further spots surrounding the Dreamspot Lodge. One special adventure, a downwinder up til the end of the spit of land, the Navy Point, along faraway fisher camps and palm forests. Right at the end, Anne and Linus show how high you are able to jump at 25 knots once again.

Five days at the Dreamspot Eco Kite Lodge pass quickly. Now it’s time to pack the kite equipment again and leave for Kalpitiya. The team and additional 200 kg of equipment are brought back by tractor for a dinner at the new Beach Bungalows Kalpitiya. As a little highlight of the day, the new KiteWorldWide tuk-tuk is inaugurated. Linus is used to driving a tuk-tuk in Egypt, so he’s the driver for the night ;-).

The new, little facility of a local we’ve been working with for years, has just been finished. In the tropical garden, there are eight nice, basic bungalows and the facility is right at the ocean. Ele and Anne fell for this little pleasant facility right away. Basic, but built in a characteristic Sri-Lanka style, perfect for a budget-conscious kitesurfing vacationer. For kitesurfing, it’s the same beach hut as for the guests of the Kitelodge Kalpitiya. The kitesurfing accomplishments are also offered by the same team. Daily transfer is certainly included.

After 10 busy days, Jürgen, Tim and Ele are heading back home. Uwe, Linus and Anne stay a little longer for making some new videos of the spots.