Kitesurfing at Sardinia’s west coast

Marco’s und Josi’s Roadbook reloaded

The KiteWorldWide Truck is back on the road! After their great trip to Marocco, Tarifa and Portugal, our adventurers Marco and Josi are back “on tour, off road”. Of course, in proper style with their offroad truck. This year, those two chose Sardinia on the worldmap and will check out the best spots for you within one month. It starts in the direction of Sardinia’s west coast after a calm ferry ride from Livorno to Olbia. A sunrise which lets the Mediterranean Sea shine in thousand shades of colors is on top for free at that time of the day!

There’s no breakfast for Marco and Josi in the first morning in Sardinia since there is wind! So, directly on the path to the first spot up in the north, San Pietro, where both of them take their turns at ranging onself out in a small lagoon or at the sea side in the waves. After a long winter period in Germany it feels absolutely fabulous to ride barefoot again. But both of them are very happy about their decision of taking their long wetsuit with them since the water is still pretty cold.

After satisfying their first kite desire, our two offroader keep going and leave for Stintino. There you can find the ruins of a former prison tower right in front of turquoise water and an extraordinary kite spot. The beach doesn’t consists of sand, it consists of small, white pebbles and the water is so clear that you can see the rocks in great 3 metres depth while kitesurfing. It just feels like the Caribbean!

The following week, unfortunately, the wind left Marco and Josi behind. It only lasts for Marco who packed his foil and is ready to check out the beautiful spots around Mari Ermi from up above. In return, they get a little pretaste of the summer season since it already gets easily over 20 degrees during the day and the sun is shining all day long. The truck, of course, also wants to be moved a little so they take a pretty adventurous offroad track to the beach of Piscinas.

Right on time for Easter, those two offroad kiters were drawn to the most southern point of Sardinia’s west coast: Is Solinas. Since April, you can find here our new accomodation which the two of them are visiting, for sure. And who would have thought that? The former Italian country estate isn’t only absolutely beautiful, it actually works very well as a caravan site ;).

As an Easter gift, the whole weekend was blessed with a rough mistral from northwest which was emphasized by a strait at the kite spot in Is Solinas. Announced 15 knots actually turned out be 20 or even more. Marco and Josi have an awesome time during the day with plenty of fun on the water and at night, they enjoy “la dolce vita” with delicious Italian food and, of course, one or two glasses of vino.

How it turns out to be on the east coast for those two, you will be able to read in their next roadbook post.