Kite Surfing with Kiki on Cape Verde Islands

On february 6th our long time partner and co worker Kiki took off for a couple days on the Cape Verde Islands. Sal, to be specific, was her goal. Together with Kiki and her husband Ibi we are running our destination in Egypt for quite a while now. Even before she started kitesurfing, Kiki used to be wind surfing and was well known in the wind surfing scene. With her second home, Egypt, she used to hab the perfect falt water conditions right in front of her house but wanted to try something different: kite surfing in the waves. With this goal it’s only legit to take your first steps together with the wave champion Mitu Monteiro, who runs a kite surfing school on Kite Beach on Sal,Cape Verde Islands.

The trip started for Kiki in Dusseldorf, because she took advantage of the offer to book the flights separately and therefore save a lot of time. During a short stop over on Boa Vista, another island of the Cape Verde Islands group, Kiki realized that the plane was full of kite surfers and they were all up tot the same thing: Kite surfing on Sal!

When she arrived in Santa Maria, the first stop for Kiki and the other guests was the Kite beach, of course. There, they met Mitu in person for the first time. Mitu Monteiro is living on the island of Sal, Cape Verde Islands and he is without a doubt one of the best strapless wave riders in the world. Anyway, it is natural for him to be on the kite beach at his school or in the water as much as possible. For her first day, Kiki decides to rather unpack her suitcase and check out the KiteWorldWide Kite House. The waves were just a little bit too scary for her on her first day.

The transfer to the accomodation in Santa Maria is actually quite short. Anyhow, Kiki will discover during the next couple days of her stay that the route will never be the same as it was the day before, because the driver always finds a new way through the sandy dunes of the beach. Along the way they will be picking up construction workers or relatives of the driver and drop them off somewhere around the island. Island style – everyone knows everyone.

In the evenings it is time for Santa Maria by night! The group of Kiki and friends is heading to a local fish Restaurant, where you can have fresh „catch of the day“. In here, Kiki reunites with a lot of the people she had met on the beach earlier this day. Even some from the plane to Cape Verde Islands are there. It doesn’t take long until the community feeling settles in and everybody chitchats about their kite experiences throughout the day.

After having a good breakfast with fresh fruit, pancakes, eggs, and even home made yogurt, Kiki is ready to take on the challenge: surfing the waves of Cape Verde Islands. Eventually, Sal is very well known for its fine wave spots. First of all, Kiki heads back to the Kite beach where she finds Mitu to bolster her up before the ride. After getting some final advice from the wave champion, Kiki takes on the waves of Cape Verde for the first time in her life: We are proud of you, Kiki!

Still being in a little bit of a stoke after her first wave session, Kiki and the other let the day draw to an end at the cosy beach BBQ. Of course, they are having fish again, since it is the freshest and cheapest (yet, not the unhealthiest) diet you can get on the Cape Verde Islands. But all the meat  and veggie lovers are taken care of as well. After everybody was full and satisfied, the staff of the kite school got out their drums and fired up the beach BBQ a little bit with music and dance. Of course, Mitu was there with them for almost the whole night.

Even though Kiki was a little bit intimidated by the waves of Sal at first, she would go back there for a kite surfing trip any time. Not only, because of the great conditions for surfing, but also behause of the amazing feeling among the kite surfers. No matter if it was for launching or landing on the beach, during lunch or having a talk at the BBQ – it was always a friendly and funny community feeling.