Logbook entry #18 | From Portimao to Madeira

One or another will remember the 12th of October 2015. Defintitely a very special day for Axel. Under the best sailing conditions, clear sky and tail-east wind Axel Hackbarth and his Zest set sail and started their six-month sail from Hamburg to the Caribbean.

After many adventures and lots of unexpected stresses and strains, which you can glean detailed in our logbook, Axel is now ready to start his next adventures. The last time we heard of him, he was in Portimão and now on the Portugese island Madeira.

How did that come about…


After his last short-trip to Hamburg, it got pretty hectic for Axel. The necessary preparations for the first big trip, after his ship’s mast broke in Portugal, had to be done. From only cruising along the coast, the Zest had to be transformed into a high-sea capable sailing boat.

Put more simply…: Stockpiling provisions for two weeks, putting all the repair materials at its intented places and getting the guest-berth tidied up. Luckily Axel got some help from Kevin. He helped with the preparations and joined Axel at the crossing to Madeira. There the two of them are looking forward to meet Klaas and Linda.


At the evening of the 25th of October the Zest is finally ready to coast down. So Axel starts after a long day in Partimao in the wideness of the Atlantic Ocean…

untitled-4 untitled-5

The next morning it was about time to test the food supply of the sea. While the two of them were only moving by the power of the engine, Axel tried his luck by fishing.

Suddenly some unexpected tension in the lines and at the same time excitement in Axel. He fastly got the lines into the boat and he could hold up this beautiful fish into the camera.


After Axel had some visitors in form of dickeys, he found himself, at the end of three days and 15 hours on the sea, in sight of land again.

The land he saw was Porto Santo. The first island of the Madeira-archipelago group, where Linda and Klaas were waiting for them.

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Five hours later, Axel and Kevin could sail, accompanied by loud music, into the harbour of Porto Santo.


Linda and Klaas had already announced their arrival to the harbor master and after a few minutes they could finally meet.

untitled-18 untitled-19

The four of them spent two beautiful days at Porto Santo, discovered a just sunken wreck with scuba tanks on their back and explored the island by scooters. Afterwards, they went to the Ilhas Desertas.

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Spending the night in the bay of the cliffy island, they continued sailing the next day across Quinta do Lorde to Funchal.

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Funchal is located in the southern part of Madeira. This is the place where Axel will stay until the end of December…

Have a look at our map to check out Axels current location. Further, you can check out the logbook and get to know how he was doing the last months.