Logbook entry #6: Stopover on the vulcanic island


Located in the anchor bay of Playa Blanca, we had the honour to wake up 3 days in a row, looking at the craggy landscape of the vulcanic island. The next Marina was luckily nearby and therefore easily reachable with the dingi. Thereby we could replenish our reserves and take a closer look at the environment.





Chasing the nice waves the catamaran makes it’s way to the Isla de Lobos, which is famous for it’s almost 400 meter long waves. Sandra and Pablo joined us on board. They are friends of Stephan and they are living in Lanzarote. Pablo teaches surfing and we could profit from his know-how and some interesting tips. We hoisted our anchor in front of the bay and went with our dingi to the waves. The swell was great and we had an amazing session.





Hungry and exhausted from the surfsession, we went together to Corralejo. The small city is about 2 seamiles away and with the hint of Pablo we found a nice restaurant nearby the harbour to have some Tapas. While we could explore the city unstressed, Sandra and Pablo had to return to Lanzarote. With small open shops around and some street artists the city seemed lively and we enjoyed our mandatory nightcap with a beautiful view at the beach.


We are going to set off now to the south of Fuerteventura… Of course we`ll keep you informed. :)