Logbook entry #5: Gorgeous Lisbon


Saturday night: The wind turned as we expected northwards. Time for the Tonia to leave Leixões before the sun rises. During the day we could enjoy sailing in the direction of Lisbon and in the afternoon we finally set our gennaker.

As if we were riding on rails we went with top-speed of more than 18 knots southwards. At once we got some guest from a school of dolphins. At least 50 dolphins were around the boat, jumping out of the water and giving huge pleasure to us. No one of us had ever seen so many dolphins before…

After about an hour the dolphins left us and while we were docking at the bunker station in Cascais, we went into a cushy night. While we had breakfast next morning we could see the sun rising and before we left we filled-up our gas tanks. 

After breakfast we already left Cascais and took the Rio Tajo to our goal, Lisbon. The northern side of the river was covered with plenty of houses, while the southern side presented us a rotation of nature and industry. In the background announced the Ponte 25 de Abril the oncoming Lisbon. Passing this amazing bridge we landed in a Marina not far away from the city.       

From here we started in the afternoon to the historic centre of Lisbon, were we experienced the rush-hour traffic. Passing the traffic we could enjoy the marvelous city of Lisbon. We explored the city center by foot, walking higher and higher on the hill. Passing gorgeous streets and small alleys. Surrounded by small shops and inviting restaurants.

Of course we didn`t wanted to miss a tour with the oldest cable car. By this time national technical memorial of Portugal, it`s one of the three last workable cable cars. We really appreciate visiting Lisbon and we would definitely come back here!    

This morning we continued our trip southwards in the direction of Lagos. But first we enjoyed an ample breakfast on the Tonia underneath the Ponte 25 de April, watching the sun rise. Is there a better way to start into the day?     

From tomorrow on we will probably stay in Lagos for two or three days, because of a storm in the Strait of Gibraltar with blasts of over 40 knots, which blockades our way southwards. It`s said that the spurs of the storm will reach Lagos, so we will use the break to get on the water ourselves…we will definitely give you an account of the session!