Chapter One – The Preview In Hamburg

At the end of august we were chatting with Bram, executive producer of Chapter One about the upcoming prewiev. While we were talking we had kind of the same, cool idea: „Hey, how amazing would it be to present the preview in Hamburg?!”

No sooner said than done, we went to the local movie theaters to present them our idea. Our favorite one, from the beginning was the Abaton cinema, with its own unique character. In fact, the guys from the cinema really shared our interests, so we fastly came to an agreement. One presentation, 280 tickets – and hoping that every guest would be as excited as we were about the movie.


Within less than 24 hours all tickets were sold. Boom! You are awesome!

We quickly organized a second prewiev, which was sold out rapidly, too. That meant about 500 likeminded people, coming from all parts of germany meeting in one location. That definitely begs for a pre- and aftershowparty!

09.10.2016, it`s showtime! What a great, magical night. While the KiteWorldWide truck of Marco and Josi is parked on the ground, the team prepares the sparkling wine and the Dj finally hits the location.


At 20:00 sharp the whole group hits the cinema.


There is not much we should say bout the film. 82 minutes goose bumps, and that`s not only been caused by the tequila ;)


We have been watching a lot of kitesurfing movies, yet it was a  major honor to watch this jewel of kitesurfing movies on the big screen. After the movie we went back to the Pony Bar, where you could hear competent impressions of the movie almost everywhere over one or two beers.




It`s been great to share this evenig with all of you! Thanks!