Logbook entry #2 | a turbulent start with happy end

The early take off in Portsmouth was worth it. While we were leaving the port, the sun raised and we head in the direction to Solent. Since the sun was still quit low, the colors of the landscape were stunning. Around 10 we reached the Needles, which are the west point of Isle of Wight and brought us to the Channel. The wind was blowing and we could go under sail to France. For most of our guests it was the first night on Sea.

The night was bright and we had a good view with a lot of moonlight. The next morning, unfortunately, the wind turned, so we decided to go to the Port of Brest. Besides, we had to cross a spot with very strong currents, and with poor visibility, this section was all about feel and using the GPS, wind speed and sailing direction to work out where we were! The sight was partially less than 0. 1 sea miles (approx. 200 metres) and shortly before we reached the port entrance, a 250 meters freighter passed us. Though we could see him early on the A sharp system and radar. Finally, we reached at 2 o’clock in the morning the harbour from Brest.

On the next morning, after this 40 hour transit, we had a very extensive breakfast all together. Afterwards our guests could explore Brest. The wind was predicted in the evening, we decided to move our catamaran to Camaret-sur-Mer. Unfortunately, the wind didn’t materialize in the evening so we used the day to explore this super beautiful cute town and ended the day with a delicious dinner in a french restaurant.
Then on Wednesday it was finally time: We got wind and could start our first kite session.

We found a lovely bay and dropped the anchor. Now with good wind and waves, everybody could burn off some energy on the water. We had the gigantic bay for the complete day for ourselves! The joy of sailing means we can find the perfect spot away from everybody!


Then in the evening we went back to Camaret-sur-Mer where we could refresh and get ready for the next journey
Today we venture the sail over the Bay of Biscay. We estimate approx. 60-hour journey time, without any mobile radio network. Time to switch off in a world in which we are always accessible. The wind should get better and we will try to head directly to Vigo in the north of Spain, where we will arrive probably Saturday or Sunday.