Wind Capital Tarifa: Wind and Spot

That Tarifa is known as the wind capital of Europe isn´t a secret anymore. From all over the world people are coming to the little city in southern Spain. Now it´s time to give you a short overview of the wind and the spots of Tarifa.

The two main winds in Tarifa are the Levante (Easterly) and the Poniente (Westerly), whereby the Poniente is the more dominant.


The Levante is blowing side offshore, on some days sideshore. It emerges in the East nearby Africa. Due to that, it is a very warm and dry wind. The Levante is known as a wind which is building up over several days and than kicking in with full power. It can reach up to 8 Beaufort. But that is more like a exception. It reaches rarely 6-7 Beaufort. The offshore wind is blowing nearly the whole day long and makes the water nice and flat.

The Poniente is, most of the time, blowing side onshore with constantly 2-5 Beaufort. As well as the Levante, Poniente is blowing nearly the whole day and reaches its strongest phase at the afternoon. With the Poniente the waves are coming, but don´t worry there are only some little waves at the beach. Due to the fact that it emerges over the atlantic ocean, the Poniente is a nice welcome cooling during the summer month.


Of course Tarifa offers not only good wind, but also some really cool spots. On some days you even have the chance to get in touch with some pro riders. For your next kite holiday, we have a short overview just for you!

Tarifa Spots Final


When the wind is Levante, it is blowing full offshore with its maximum power. The water than is completely glassy. Sure you have to watch out not to get drifted away. At Poniente you have some really nice and even waves which break at the sandbanks upstream.


Campo de Futbol:

Like the name says, this is the place where the football stadium of Tarifa is located. The Levante is blowing full offshore, sometimes it becomes a bit gusty, but you have really glassy water. The Poniente is, most of the time, onshore up to sideonshore with some little waves.

Campo de Futbol

Rio Jara:

Depending on the tide the mouth of the river Rio Jara is becoming a little lagoon. Than you have a nice sandy beach and a really good shallow water spot, which is perfect for beginners and profis.

Rio Jara
Rio Jara 2
Rio Jara 3

Los Lances / Landebahn:

The huge beach of Los Lances offers enough space, good parking conditions and a nice beach bar where you can round off the day after a long day on the water. The Poniente is blowing side onshore with some little waves, Levante is side offshore with glassy up to choppy water.

Los Lances?


The beach in Valdevaqueros is not that big like in Los Lances but still offers a lot of space, parking conditions and a beach bar to relax after your kite sessions. Poniente is side onshore with little waves, Levante is offshore up to sideshore with glassy and some times choppy water.


Spin Out:

You definitely need to visit this spot at Poniente. The best time is on afternoon, sometimes even early evening. With increasing daytime the wind gets more and more onshore. Perfect free ride conditions. On top you get a wonderful beach, but only limited parking space. So better be early at the spot.

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