Road Book Entry #1 | On the Way to Catch the Ferry

Marco and Josi already mastered the first stage of their journey! Leaving the moisture of northern Germany behind them, they crossed snow, the Alps and finally reached Genua. There was only one small incident. Now the two of them are on board of the ferry and directly on the way to Tangier in Morocco.


After their first breakfast they had a cut of electricity. The evildoer was the inverter, which manages to drive the coffee machine, the hairdryer and so on. But the new fuse was taken fast and so they continue on their way southbound. Why the electricity cuts off by turning off the appliances remains a mystery.


At the boarders to Switzerland they had to pay charges because of the heavy good traffic regulation concerning the size and weight of their truck . As these things go, they had to pick up some forumulars, fill them in and hand them in again. This was a bit tedious, but in exchange they were recompensed by a breathtaking view at the Alps at picture-perfect weather.

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The entry to Italy was ways easier. As the customs officers had been busy, Marco and Josi were simply waived through. After spending the night near Milano they crossed the snowy mountain landscape of Piemont. Following the smell of the ocean they finally reached Genua.


The time of waiting before they could board the ferry they spend on visiting the little village Arenzano. During the summer there will be a lot of tourists, at this time of the season it was bitterly cold and deserted. Sadly, the wind was blowing off-shore.

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Right now the both of them are on board of the ferry and going to reach Morocco soon. We wish a smooth passage!

On our map you can join them on their journey. Have a look at Marcos and Josis road book and get all the information on their journey!