November in Cape Town – Wind, Waves and lots of space on the water

There are a few things I can’t understand. One of these things is the rumor that January and February are the only good months for kitesurfing in Cape Town.

But from the beginning: We have a new team in the KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town! Jana is our new host and is responsible for you – the guests – and all the small and big things around the house. And there is Marcel, Marlin and Juli from the Kiteboarding Events team, who are responsible for kiting. If you are an advanced kitesurfer and you want to explore the Cape, an event week with the Kiteboarding Events team might be just the ticket.

Cape Town november19 Cape Town november18 Cape Town november15 Cape Town november4 Cape Town november5 Cape Town november3 Cape Town november2

Besides we have a new, small project called WorkWorldWide. There have been a few things which had to be clarified before the kick-off in March like fixing arrangements with local operators

Cape Town is always worth a trip anyway. And if there’s no wind it’s always possible to go surfing. Reasons enough to disappear for 10 days towards South.

So much for no wind. When I arrived on Sunday I got a pretaste of what was to come in the next days. South-easter was predicted – at it’s finest.

Cape Town november8 Cape Town november7 Cape Town november6Cape Town november1

Up next I had eight days of downwinders and wave sessions in Platboom at the Cape and infront of our house at Sunset Beach with two or even three meter high waves. Some days fully blasted with the 5.0. The new Core Wavekite ‘Section’ and the ‘Ripper’ in 5’10 definitely passed the test.

Cape Town november9Cape Town november10

For the fun of it I used Runtastic on my iPhone during the downwinder. Very exciting that you kite 30 km on a way of 13 km if you take the one or other wave along.


Also exciting to know, that you burn 1088 calories on a two hours downwinder. Unfortunately that’s not enough for the countless world class restaurants and the ‘Braai’ at our Mansion, so we had to repeat the downwinder ;)

Cape Town november21 Cape Town november20 Cape Town november17 Cape Town november14Cape Town november12 Cape Town november13

But the most exciting was the experience to have the world class waves in Hakgaat at the end of the downwinders for me alone. Not even twenty kiters were on the water and also the windsurfers seem to be somewhere else in November.

Cape Town november11

Cape Town, the November belongs to you in the future!