KiteWorldWide 2015 – our review

We have almost made it! Time certainly flies, only a few days ago we were all busy getting and packing all the Christmas presents as well as making the final preparations for the family gathering. And now, before you know it, you’re holding New Years’ rockets in your hands and are popping champagne corks to celebrate the beginning of 2016. The new year hopefully brings a lot of wind with it, but we certainly don’t want to complain about 2015. So let’s start from the beginning – the KiteWorldWide review for 2015.


In the beginning of 2015 Lennart Schulenburg went on tour for us. Using the hashtag #kitewithlenni you were able to follow his journey to various KiteWorldWide destinations on Facebook, Instagram as well as on his blog. He posted short video clips, travel reports and a lot of pictures from different destinations, such as Kenya, Zanzibar or Sal on Cape Verde. He wasn’t only focusing on perfect kitesurf conditions but also on a wealth of culture, safaris, local markets, village tours, snorkeling, diving, parties …the list of activities ist infinite. Back home he was able to say that ‘the destinations far off the beaten track were the most beautiful. Cosy bonfires, local specialities prepared from locals, being in contact with the locals and all these small things that make a good kite trip to a unique and unforgettable experience.’


In February stage was set for suspense! It was certainly not the easiest year for the Red Bull King of the Air in Cape Town. Due to unstable wind conditions, which is not very common for Cape Town, the semi final on Saturday was cancelled and the re-run was scheduled for Sunday. Sunday delivered, packed with action. It started off with a fatal crash by Ruben Lenten, who lost his kite, broke his board and dislocated his wrist, which meant an early exit for him. Nevertheless during the rest of the event the spectators were served with everything that makes a kiters’ heart beat two times faster – Megaloops, Handle Passes in up to 15 metres and a really exciting final with an impressive megaloop kgb from Aaron Hadlow which led him to victory and becoming therefore the new King of the Air 2015. It’s been a super cool event with a unique atmosphere, a great deal of laid back people and even more cold beer in Cape Town and on the rooftop of our mansion.


In April it was time for woman vs. machine. Our team rider Anne got a call from an agency asking her what she would think of a race between her under a kite and a ferry. They didn’t have to ask her twice – she was in! On a day with north-western wind and after the route was set, the race began. For Anne it started at the west coast of Römö in Denmark and for the captain of the ferry it started at the east coast of Havneby. Anne was sure she could win the race, but after the wind almost completely stopped and the ferry passed her, everything looked quite different. But read it yourself in her blog!


In mid-2015 we had to announce fantastic news. The first KiteWorldWide owned Riad, in Essaouira. We were more than happy, when we walked through the door for the first time. But right after popping some champagne corks and a few spurts of euphoria the work began. Measuring and decorating rooms, selecting matching furniture and above all implanting the so called KiteWorldWide DNA.

riad riad2 riad3 riad4

But that’s not all! We finally found the right spot in Asia. Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka offered everything to turn it into a perfect KiteWorldWide destination. Reachable remoteness, wind 24/7, flat water lagoon, a wave spot and a fantastic Lodge right at the spot. Of course we didn’t want you to exclude you from this wonderful spot and therefore we were happy to announce KiteWorldWide goes Asia!

Sri-Lanka3 Sri-Lanka2 Sri-Lanka

Also our catalogue turned into a new lookbook which also brought a breath of fresh air. It is not only bigger and nice to look at, but also offers double the number of pages with more space for a lot of terrific pictures as well as compressed info about our fantastic spots. The KiteWorldWide Lookbook 2015/16 is still available and ready for free shipping to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On 92 pages we show you everything what makes us happy ourselves! Your catalogue in english is coming very soon!


In August everybody was only talking about the upcoming Kitesurf Worldcup. A lot of things needed to be organized and everyone of us was looking forward to an awesome event in St. Peter Ording. How could it have been any different? It’s been an awesome Event with awesome weather – not too sunny but with lots of wind! After 116 heats and 4 slalom eliminations the winner was Aaron Hadlow together with Florian Gruber who has been crowned king of slalom. Congratulations once again too both of you as well as to Gisela Pulido from Spain who made it to the top at the women championships and therefore became the freestyle champion in St. Peter Ording for the fifth time. Of course there was a huge KiteWorldWide and Best Kiteboarding party at the end of the spectacle. Thanks to everyone who rocked the dance floor, came over for a chat, took part in the table football competition and rocked the water with us – simply to everyone who made this event as special as it was!


Always favorable winds and at least a hand’s breadth of water under its keel, that’s what we wish our captain Axel Hackbarth and his Zest. Axel set sail in October, to find the new perfect KiteWorldWide spot in the carribean. He didn’t cross the Atlantic Ocean yet, but he already went through some thrilling challenges. You can follow his journey and find out how he’s doing and where he’s at in his logbook.


Now we have almost made it! A few weeks before Christmas we were happy to celebrate another premiere. The first KiteWorldWide Christmas Market was born. It’s been a great success, with more than 200 people coming and another 200 being interested in on Facebook, 150 litres of Annes norwegian Glühwein (mulled winde), the new KiteWorldWide Glühwein mug, grilled Bratwurst (sausages) and boothes from Schwerelosigkite, Mystic as well as our own Christmas shop booth. Thanks to everyone who came along and we look forward seeing you again in 2016 at the KiteWorldWide Christmas Market 2.0!

xmas xmas3 xmas2

It’s been a great year with you guys! We’re more than happy you spend some of your time with us and we wish all of you a happy new year, lots of wind in your kite and even more unforgettable kite sessions at the most beautiful spots in the world. Happy New Year! Your Team from KiteWorldWide.