Logbook entry #7 | Rudder crack off Dover

Currently Axel would love to have the little problems, which he had to fight against in the last logbooks, like inclined positions or no wind. Why? Because now “The” disaster happened. The rudder cracked completely and floats now along the English Channel off Dover. Fortunately the Dover coastguards were faster than the 400 meters long container ships. They towed the “Zest” in the harbour just before Axel was about to test the spare rudder.  The 27 knots wind and the three metre high waves were so intense, that one coastguard jumped on the boat to control the situation by himself. The picture shows the Zest with the spare rudder in the Dover harbour:


As we know Axel, he laughed the accident away and invented conspiracy theories. Did someone notch the rudder? Was the Zest the target of a submarine attack? Or were there to much KERNenergie nuts on bord of the Zest, so the boat couldn’t withstand the weight? One thing is for sure: The rudder is gone and Axel and Georg have to go ashore. They’re expecting to stay in Dover about one week. Nevertheless, the two sea dogs want to enter the sea again as quickly as possible, so they need your help: Please let us know, if you know a supplier in the Dover area or elsewhere, who has a Beneteau First 345 blade or can order one!

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