Christmas under the kite – Holidays in Kenya

Cold, slip hazards and mass panic in the shopping mall bevor Christmas Eve.. None of that! Christmas time is kitesurfing time at KiteWorldWide. While many people congest the ski areas in the winter to feel the snowboard underneath their feet, we have a better offer for you: Sun, kite, wind, party and 28 degrees. Sounds good? Let’s go to Kenya for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You can expect perfect wind conditions with steady 16 to 20 knots. At 11 sharp the wind starts to blow and he won’t stop, until it’s dark outside. In the large area, with flat and shallow water, there is plenty of space for everyone, beginner, intermediate or pro.

Kenia Dez 3Kenia Dez 5 Kenia Dez 2

Of course, the end of the year is also a time for celebrating and to leave all the 2015′ stress behind. This year, the big christmas party in the KiteWorldWide Lodge is rescheduled on the 25th December because there will also be a full moon. And to be honest: What is better than having a Full-Moon-Christmasparty at the beach in Kenya? The guests will be entertained by a native dancing crew, which performs traditional dances and invites you to participate. Last New Year’s Eve, there was a party on the rooftop with good music and cocktails. Let’s see how we’re gonna proceed in 2016.

Kenia-53 Kenia-77Kenia Dez 4

Africa wouldn’t be Africa without its beautiful national parks. How does it sound starting the new year with a safari?

Kenia-80Kenia-19Kenia Dez 1

So get out of the cold Germany and come to the kiting paradise Mwazaro Beach. Or to say it with the words of Nasser, our center manager in Kenya: The guests can expect the Christ Child, which brings us a lot of wind.