Nice impressions of Essaouira from Beau

Here are some nice impressions and shots of Essaouira. They were taken from Beau – the good soul of our house and KiteWorldWide tour guide in Essaouira. She is showing you around the city, restaurants and she takes care of all of your needs. Beau is always available as she is living with you in the KiteWorldWide Riad. You should feel comfortable..this is her most important concern.

Beau Stothmann18Beau Stothmann1Beau Stothmann6Beau Stothmann17

Beau Stothmann2Beau Stothmann25Beau Stothmann11

Beau Stothmann8Beau Stothmann12Beau Stothmann24Beau Stothmann20  Beau Stothmann22