Montenegro opening weekend

Once again we moved the Hamburg office to Montenegro in May and since I am the team manager I had no choice but to join in ;)

Last year we had quite a rough May in Ulcinj with lots of rain and cold weather, so this time I packed my jackets, pullovers and pants – just in case.

False alarm!



Summer, sun and a couple of windy days… Even a couple of office lunch hours were spent kitesurfing.


During the opening weekend the girl’s camp was supposed to take place. Unfortunately the wind kicked in a little bit too late – so we compensated the lack of wind with other mind blowing activites:

Yoga or work out sessions on the beach in the early morning hours, when the sand is still cold and the sunrise light just gives you this special feeling of peacefulness…

Longboarding on empty Montenegrin roads enjoying the amazing green nature around you…


Beachvolleyball matches followed by Beach party, Barbeque and a bonfire night…


Boat trip on the wonderful Ada Bojana river crossing over to the Albanian alps…



Now I’m back in cold Germany since two days and if I had the choice, I would book my retour ticket right away!

Go visit Ulcinj in Montenegro, it’s in all ways worth it!