Sicily – Was that a dream or was it for real?

I think I’ve said this a couple of times, but my job is really not easy. This time I had to fly to Sicily to check out KiteWorldWide’s new spot in Italy ;)

And as usually, this is just another one of our spots, which boosted straight into my heart. We’ve been told this is a windy place, so I figured a longer weekend would be sufficient, as I wanted to celebrate my birthday somewhere warm and windy. Actually, since KiteWorldWide opened up in March, it’s only been 4 days without wind. And windy it was, combined with 20 degrees, FLAT water and massive space I must say; my birthday kite tour couldn’t have been more successful.




Next to the kitesurfing I’m really surprised by the great and friendly atmosphere at the spot and the warm welcome we were given in the kiteschool and hotel. Most locals speak a bit of English, however if the English knowledge is somewhat lacking, you’ll get a big smile if you give it a shot with the few Italian words you know.


IMG_3615 IMG_3671f there should be a day without wind, you can grab one of the SUPs and explore the surroundings, give it a go at the slackline, chill at the hotel pool or just take a rental car as the island offers plenty of great attractions. Four days was not enough to discover any of the other spots around – just another reason for me to come back.
I guess the pictures say more than words this time:

IMG_3541 IMG_3577

Some useful tips:

From May till October you can kite with a shorty or board shorts. We women should cover our feet (I brought my long wetsuit because of that, and a running tights to wear under the shorty), as there are some points with algae that might cause an allergic skin reaction. Besides from that the bottom is sandy and you’ll only find a few small stones in the entrance zone.
The entrance zone can get crowded and depending on wind direction the launch is a bit tricky. Take your time and in worst case just walk into the water with your kite or ask one of the helpful beach assistants to give you a hand.

Take a rental to discover the island! You can either book it at the airport or directly with our hotel at site, which is a bit more expensive. There is no supermarket directly at the spot, so you’ll need a rental if you want to buy water and basics. There is a restaurant and bar directly at the spot, so you get everything you need there too. Or you can order a pizza!

How to get there? That’s just another great thing about this spot, the airport of Trapani is located 15 minutes away. Ryan Air fly twice a week from Frankfurt Hahn, Memmingen and Karlsruhe and it’s a two hours flight. Quick, easy and cheap – even with sporting equipment: 2 boards, 7 kites, 3 bars, 2 neos… The sporting equipment with Ryan Air costs 50€ and you’re allowed to bring 20 kg. Take in addition an extra luggage of 15 kg at the cost of 20€ and put the rest in your hand luggage 10 kg. Check!

If you travel from Frankfurt Hahn, book a parking lot at Hotel Fortuna in advance! 3 € per night and it’s just as close as the Airports P2 where you pay 50€ per week. We were lucky and got a spot at the hotel without booking in advance, but most other parkings where already fully booked. You can also travel to Palermo, which is about 1 ½ hour drive from our spot.

Buongiorno Sicilia!