News from Ibi&friends, Egypt

Right on time for the start of the main season Mr. Wind visited us in our kite club and brought some good windy days. If it stays like this it for sure will be a fantastic season.

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Also the new Bandit 8 Kites from F-one have arrived just on time. We are looking forward to test them together with you, pushing you to the next kite level!

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The new boards from SU2 also found their way to us. Just right now two brand-new bigfoot boards have arrived. They are awaiting you in the storage up to a size of 155cm. You can perfectly use them with light wind conditions and they facilitate the first steps for beginners even more. For the experts among you we keep the SU2 Pro Series ready at all time. So don’t let our material get dusty and book a holiday with us!

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Believe it or not but also in Egypt “April weather” exists, but concerning temperature and the wind prognostics and not if it is going to be sunny or rainy :) One day it is hot, the other day wind comes along with chilly temperatures. But long pants and hoodies slowly disappear in the wardrobe and summer is arriving! This month we have had every possible wind type, from light wind with 10-12 knots to strong winds with more than 30 knots up to a sandstorm.

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In between there has been a couple of windless days but no problem as we have plenty of other things to do such as snorkeling, SUP or boat trips. You never get bored here! Also the evenings offer for you oriental nights with tea and shisha with a delicious barbecue or evening trips to Hurghada or El Gouna where  there is always something going on. Every Friday there is a cinema night with the latest movies and popcorn.

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So what are you waiting for? Book and off you go into the sun! The Ibi&friends Team is looking forward welcoming you. Besides we also have a new team member. Loopy is our new man or better dog for our safety. He is watching us and our kite gear. But no worries, he stays in the background and just gets alarmed when someone passes by his cabin.

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