Essaouira – a fairy tale out of 1001 nights

Essaouira is a cosy town in western Morocco which is still mainly preserved from mass tourism. Here you encounter rural culture, heaps of space on the water and of course a lot of wind!

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The spot is directly located in front of the station and provides you with some nice waves inviting for a nice surf or wave kiting session. A little more downwind you find an estuary offering perfect flat water conditions. Unfortunately the wind is a little gusty here as the river mouth is located on the lee side.

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During the season the wind probability is very high but for the unlikely event of a lack of wind beginners can make their first steps directly in front of the station. Intermediates jump onto a camel and enjoy the head-high waves just a beach further.

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Now some information to the city itself. The old medina preserved its original flair! Everywhere you meet locals with their daily duties and there is a lot to discover.

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Now moving on to the next highlight, the food you get here is absolutely delicious. The local tajine (saffron chicken and vegetables) and the fruits are stunning, no matter if vegetarian or whatever. Everyone finds what he is looking for!

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We present a top-level accommodation with our latest Kiteworldwide hotel directly located in the old town center. A so-called Riad, a traditional townhouse with an open court in the middle and a roof terrace. Sara and Nasser give their best to provide you with an unforgettable stay. In my case they succeeded.

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The roof terrace is perfectly suitable for a little workout session and of course for the legendary barbecue parties. I’m moving on to Dakhla now. Thanks Essaoueira – it was just brilliant! Two important things to bring with you: a bottle of rum (you hardly find alcohol here) and your running shoes because you find wonderful trails on the beach and in the surrounded mountain area!


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