Waiting for the King of the Air 2015 in Cape Town

The excitement increases immeasurably. On the 31st of January, the event period started here in Cape Town.  All riders are highly motivated, since they have this new, blue thing on their boards. The Woo is a a motion sensor, which can measure the height and air time of jumps. The guys from Woo also live in a cozy house here and organize the occasional Braai and party – of course with Ruben as Dj. To check the leaderboards, you can already get the App. Currently, Aaron Hadlow is leading with 19,4m.

Woo Haus1 Woo Haus2 Woo Haus3 Woo Haus4

To kill the waiting time for the event, we keep ourselves busy with surfing and kiting. Somewhere there’s always wind. At the Cape for example, last week at Platboom Beach or Witsand. On the way back, we then stop at Camps Bay for a sundowner. Life could be worse.

Camps bay Sundowner1

Camps bay Sundowner2 Platboom Beach1-2 Platboom Beach1-3 Platboom Beach1


But we also had one of those typical South Eastern Days last sunday. Some say, one should have done the King of the Air on that day. But to be honest: it wasn’t that strong, the 6m kite was easy to hold on the wave board. Last year before the event, we’ve done a downwinder with 5m kites already at 11 a.m. …


Sunset Beach Downwinder 2 DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO

So, the waiting continues. Today we don’t have wind, therefore the waves are even cleaner and we are about to paddle around and to get washed.

Cheers from Cape Town!