Montenegro News: KiteWorldWide Coast Cruise

A lot is happening here in Montenegro. Piece by piece, things come together well and prepare the KiteWorldWide House for an epic kitesurf season.

We are excited for the long opening weekend from 28.05.2014 onwards. The newest equipment of Best is awaiting you for a first kite session and the beach party afterwards will round off a perfect day. The kite ladies get the chance to meet Anne Valvatne (2x German Champion and star of the video “North of the Comfort Zone”) and Katharina Simon (KiteWorldWide staff member and licensed VDWS instructor) at the Girls Camp, where they will share their kite experience and give valuable tips to the ladies to reach their next level in kitesurfing and enjoy some legendary kite sessions.

For the ones who also want to explore the country before going kiting, the “KiteWorldWide Coast Cruise” will show you around the beautiful rugged coastline of Ulcinj and beyond. We meet between 8:30 – 9:00 in front of the KiteWorldWide House and a transfer will then bring you to the Safari Beach, where the boat awaits you. Wearing shorts benefits all because you have to walk through the water to get on the boat. Once everyone is on the boat, the boat sails past the “Ladies Beach”, hidden houses in the rocky coast, the old town of Ulcinj with various beach bars, olive groves and endless spaces of nature. The highlight is the “Wild Beach” which is only accessible by boat. Jump into the blue water and equipped with mask, snorkel and fins you can explore the underwater world. Afterwards a delicious fish barbecue is served on the beach for lunch.

Another highlight is the bay of Valdanos. This naturalistic backdrop looks like a Fjord with its sheer rock walls and turquoise blue water, that reaches far into the country. Here you can forget everything around you and just relax in the sun.

Afterwards we will bring you directly with the boat to the kite beach, so that you arrive with the upcoming wind around midday. End the day with a nice sunset kite session and enjoy a beer at the KiteWorldWide Best Pro Center. Could a day be any better?