Miki Schitzhofer’s column: PKRA Panama finals

So the first freestyle event of the 2014 Pkra world tour is a wrap. Today was day three of the competition and it was the day for the double elimination, the second round in which all the guys that lost could go again and fight for a better ranking.

The conditions have been the same as on the previous days but the skippers meeting was set for 13:30. After having two early meetings on the first two days everybody appreciated the chance to sleep longer.

So after the typical drop of the wind around midday it was coming back around two o’clock. And the men started their heats on kites from 12 to 14 meter. The water was pretty choppy but it’s the same for everybody.

In the men’s division we saw some outstanding performances for example from Marc Jacobs who was defeated early in the single elimination and had to start in round one. He managed to win five heats before he got too tired and got stopped by five-time world champion Aaron Hadlow who pulled one of the best heats of the day with powerful and very technical moves such as Frontblind-Mobe, Tootsie Roll and a Blind Judge 5. Also Felix Martinez from the Dominican Republic was showing a strong performance, which got him from the last place up to the 6th.

In the finals Aaron took a beating by Hilario Robinson who also managed to win against my teammate at Best-Kiteboarding, Alex Neto. Hilario was showing great style and had a good kite position in most of his tricks. The big final was Christophe Tack against Hilario. Both showed amazing tricks and nobody thought about giving up with pulling trick after trick till the end. Christophe had the better end for himself and he deserved it by showing tricks like a Blind Judge 7, Slim 7 and a Pete Rose 5.

Also the girls had the chance to get a better ranking and one girl really took it by running up the ranking all the way up to the 4th place. It was Annelous Lammerts from the Netherlands who did so and she was very stoked about her performance today. In the end she lost against a very strong Gisela Pulido who also won against Bruna Kajiya which gave her the chance to make an attempt on kicking Karolina Winkowska from the top spot on the podium. But today Karolina was too strong. She took the win in a great final by showing powerful stylish tricks.

That was it for the freestyle here in Panama but the event is far from being over as we have a new second discipline coming up tomorrow. The format is totally new and it is only possible at locations like here at Nitro City with a small cable park in the backyard. The competition will be run in a best trick format. All the riders go for a best trick event on their kites and the top 4 of that will continue their battle on the 2.0 system here at Nitro City. I will keep you up to date about the action.