The German kiters at the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter Ording

Name: Kristin Boese

Date of birth: 01.06.1977

Residence: Potsdam

World Tour 2010: 3rd Place Course Racing / 8th Place Freestyle

The Potsdamerin has for years been the flagship of the German kite surfing. Nine world titles, the Guinness Book of World Records, Girls Camps, textbooks and DVDs as well as numerous publications in the media – Kristin has done so much for this sport. And points out there is still so much to be done with this sport by the younger riders.

Name: Dirk Hanel

Date of birth: 03.02.1975

Residence: Kalchreuth

World Tour 2010: 5th Place Course Racing

Dirk has been one of the fastest kitesurfers in the world and keeps consistency in the Top Five. His favorite spot is in Namibia, not only because he won there in 2005, the drive speed, but also “the culture, the cities and the mad love for the wildlife.” Dirk’s trademark: You will never see him at a competition without sunglasses and chewing gum.

Name: Mario Rodwald

Date of birth: 05.04.1991

Residence: Rendsburg

World Tour 2010: 11th Place Freestyle

Mario is riding this year as a professional in the PKRA World Tour. In May he won- together with the Spaniard Gisela Pulido and Hamburg Toby Bräuer- first team in World Cup Austrian Podersdorf. Mario has trained a lot on his favorite beach in Australia (Safety Bay) and hopes to make top fice in St. Peter-Ording.

Name: Heike Wycisk

Date of birth: 06.11.1968

Residence: Berlin

World Tour 2010: 15th Place Course Racing

Heike denies being in kitesurfing competitions for only two years. Kristin Boese has convinced him to do so. With some success since 2010, the Diploma in Business and German champion in freestyle and second in the course racing. The long-distance running expert and regular half-marathon relay, and reads “sometimes puts his feet up.”

Name: Hans Möller

Date of birth: 16.12.1965

Residence: Hannover

World Tour 2010: 18th Place Course Racing

The sports doctor loves the water element. Swimming, water polo, water skiing and windsurfing, all other water sports have been operated successfully by the doctor from Hannover. But when he was pulled from a kite for the first time, it was love at first sight. Hans Möller now utilizes every spare minute to get on his kite and to kitesurf with his daughter.

Name: Gunnar Biniasch

Date of birth: 15.02.1978

Residence: Fuerteventura

World Tour 2010: 21st Place Course Racing

Gunnar lives and teaches kitesurfing in Fuerteventura and became German champion in racing 2010. He is a gear-phanatic and thinks over what he exactly needs before every race exactly and chooses what tactics he should start with. His ultimate goal is and remains to this day to become world champion in racing.

Name: Marius Hölter

Date of birth: 04.03.1991

Residence: Barmstedt

World Tour 2010: 22nd Place Course Racing

Marius is not only fast but also versatile. He is the 2009 Racer and also the German Vice Champion in the Junior Freestyle. If he is not in the south in the winter training, he is on a snowboard. In the summer he wants to be in Kiel in order to be surrounded by areas with as much water as possible.

Name: Sabrina Lutz

Date of birth: 25.11.1988

Residence: Hamburg

World Tour 2010: 24th Place Freestyle

Sabrina is a five-time German champion in kitesurfing and still enjoys every minute in the water. On her favorite spot, St. Peter-Ording, she runs on top form. In the Kitesurf World Cup 2010, she placed seventh, beating out previous winner Joanna Litwin from Poland. Sabrina studied fashion and textile management in Hamburg and loves the color pink.

Name: Florian Gruber

Date of birth: 26.12.1993

Residence: Garmisch-Partenkirchen

World Tour 2010: 25th Place Course Racing

Florian was undefeated last year in the German Junior Champion Racing and finished in third place in freestyle. In addition, he won election to the German “kite of the year” for the second consecutive year and was among other prominent figures such as Kristin Boese, Mario Rodwald, Heike Wycisk and Rick Jensen.

Name: Darian Rubbel

Date of birth: 10.02.1992

Residence: Steenfeld

World Tour 2010: 35th PlaceCourse Racing

Darian has been kitesurfing only since 2007, but is excelling by the day. Last year he finished the course racing in St. Peter-Ording with 16th place and hopes to do even better this year.  In his spare time, the 19 year old plays tennis and the drums.

Name: Stefan Permien

Date of birth: 22.08.1985

Residence: Kiel

World Tour 2010: 38th Place Freestyle

The pizza and pasta lover is always in the wind on the water. During those wind-free days he spends his time at the university and will complete his chemistry degree this year. In the winter he trains in Cape Town, rather than the cold North Sea. In 2010 he placed ninth with Mario SPO Rodwald, the best German freestyler, and finished fourth in the Big Air.

Name: Nils Wesch

Date of birth: 23.08.1994

Residence: Langballig/Flensburg

World Tour 2010: 58th Place Freestyle

Nils is a multi German Junior Champion in Freestyle and is considered one of the biggest young talents in kite surfing. After finishing school this year, he will as a professional complete the PKRA World Tour. He will have the best in the world to measure up against and gain experience. His goal is to become world champion.

Name: Tom Schüller

Date of birth: 01.01.1989

Residence: Oybin

World Tour 2010: 58th Place Freestyle

Tom received a wind surf board from his father seven years ago as a present, saddled by 2002, a wind surf board, saddled by 2002 but has been kiting in contests for four years now. He trains at home on the lake and often Bärwalder on the island of Ruegen. “Here you can find wind for each direction at the right spots,” he explains.

Name: Tim Kummerfeld

Date of birth: 26.04.1990

Residence: Flensburg

World Tour 2010: 58th Place Freestyle

Tim graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Flensburg in renewable energy systems and management training. Since the age of 13 he has been kiting and claims that his experience with Taekwondo (was second in the 2005 German Cup) helped him. “You get in a good physical feeling and can coordinate the tricks better.”

Name: Sebastian Bubmann

Date of birth: 03.11.1987

Residence: München

World Tour 2010: 58th Place Freestyle

Sebastian now has the double burden of studies (Technology & Business Administration) and sports. This year he finished third in snowkiting at the World Cup and was runner-up in Germany.

Name: Detlef Teichmann

Date of birth: 15.08.1948

Residence: München

World Tour 2010: 85th Place Racing

The student of space and aviation technicians has been riding for five years on the PKRA World Tour. The doctor of engineering is the oldest participant in the field, but is accepted by all the young racers. His wife Monika accompanied the former youth champion in sailing at each spot in the world.

Name: Rick Jensen

Date of birth: 20.05.1988

Residence: Kiel

Rick is one of the most radical ever with a kite and because of his crazy tricks and moves he is nicknamed “Sick Rick.” The engineering student wants to have fun, loves shallow water, obstacles, harsh winds and wild parties. He graduated from the University of Kiel and would like to conclude with a master.

Name: Nina Schumacher

Date of birth: 20.09.1989

Residence: Hannover

Nina has started seven years ago with the kite, and spends every spare minute in the water. In St. Peter-Ording, she gets along well, was twice Ninth and once even went in front on the seventh. Full-time Nina is studying mechanical engineering in 2013 and wants to make her bachelor’s degree.

Name: Toby Bräuer

Date of birth: 28.10.1971

Residence: Hamburg

The big air specialist in kiteboarding wants one thing and one thing only: higher jump with more style than any other. The founder and creator of, one of the largest kite surfing community in the world, won in May, along with Mario and Gisela Pulido Rodwald the team competition in the Austrian Freestyle Classics Podersdorf.

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