Getting to Kenya – Immigration Mombasa Airport

In order to keep your travel as simple as possible, we would like to give you a few tips for the road:
The arrival/visa formalities at the airport in Mombasa can take a long time. So, you should try your best to be the first passengers out of the plane and get to the counter. You can also use the online check in provided by your airline to get a seat as far to the front of the plane as possible. If that’s not possible, try your best to get one of these seats during check in at the airport. Otherwise, you can try to be faster than the other passengers after exiting the plane. Take these words to heart, because if you take your time getting to the counter, it could mean 3 (three!) hours of waiting in line.
In the airport itself, go to one of the counters on the right. The ones on the left are for travellers who already have a visa, and we’ve seen people get sent to other lines after waiting a long time.
It also makes sense to bring a bottle of water from the plane, since you cannot purchase any beverages in the waiting area, and it can get really warm in the morning.
Put some light clothes like shorts, t-shirts, & flip flops in your carryon and change before landing. Believe us, it’s really, really hot here – even if you don’t think it should be in Europe ;).
As soon as you get out of the airport, our driver with a big KiteWorldWide sign will be waiting for you, and then it’s just 1.5 to 2 hours until you arrive at our kiting paradise on the southern coast of Kenya.
The KiteWorldWide Team wishes you a good trip! We’re exciting to see you!

Philipp & Juergen

PS: We have 32°C (90°F) air and 28°C (82°F) water temp and 18 to 25 knot wind speeds every day.

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