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Every time a new author posts something, there’ll be a short profile. And here’s mine:

I’m Jürgen, now 33, Wahl-Hamburger is my “home base” between trips, been kite surfing for about 10 years, kite traveler, used to be a tour coordinator, destination coordinator, tourism product manager, service manager in a city magazine, marketing coordinator, and finally director of marketing & sales in one of the largest travel businesses in Germany before coming to KiteWorldWide.

After uncountable years of self-organized kite trips – to Brazil, Vietnam, Kenya, Egypt, Spain, France, Indonesia, the Caribbean, among others – came the idea of bringing “nice” kite surfing trip onto the market.

So, I’m the co-founder of the kite travel company KiteWorldWide and am responsible for marketing, cooperation, and the development and planning of new kiting destinations.

On the side, I am a VDWS kiting instructor, kite school manager, and coordinator of the KiteWorldWide Kite Center in Kenya – the first VDWS kite school in this beautiful country on the east African coast. Lucky for me, my “part-time job” has moved me at exactly the right time – from December to February – from cold Hamburg to a different world complete with sun, saltwater, and palm trees. And that’s where I’m writing from now ;)!

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