Kitesurfing is going Olympic- a new discipline at the 2016 Olympics in Rio

It’s true. The final decision to replace the previously discharged windsurfing with kitesurfing was made on May 5, 2012 by the ISAF (International sailing Confederation) in Stresa, Italy. Unfortunately there were some misunderstandings made by the officials (probably that kitesurfing is a different “kind of windsurfing”), so that the future of windsurfing regattas will no longer exist in the Olympics. We would have also preferred of course that both disciplines would have remained, and for example, one of the many sailing boat classes had fallen out, but we will not even begin to complain…;)

We will also not begin to complain that “only” the marginal kite race was recorded. The feasibility and little wind have certainly played a decisive role in the decision-freestyle kite. We hope that this will have an overall positive influence on the spot, gaining more media coverage and thus more opportunities for athletes with the presence to be possibly sponsored.

Special thanks go out to all of you who have for years used the sport and brought countless dry meetings with the Olympic committee. As far as we know, played there, amongst countless others, the IKA (International Kiteboarding Association) with its’ chairman Markus Schwendt as well as Kristin Böse have played a very important role. Thank you!

Here is the official message of ISAF

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