Kitesurfing in the Seahorse Bay in Egypt (between Hurghada and El Gouna)

All good things come in threes!

The 3rd KiteWorldWide “kite and learning” event came to an end yesterday.

Everyday a group of three went out to the water. Urs wanted to increase his level with Tino and Yvonne was convinced to kitesurf.

Here on the 3 days there was close to no or very little wind, meaning it was not optimal, but this obstacle was successfully defeated by Tino and his two students.

„Armed“ with 3 SUPs, they went into the lagoon to work on their balance and power, after all you need to in order to make it back to the beach!

Since April 1, 2012 we have opened our three Kiteclub rooms. Our first guest Robert left “fattened up“by our chef Hamada’s culinary delights. With Julia and Urs, coming from Calimera in the Kiteclub changed it to an enjoyable family atmosphere and Robert then supported the evening with banquet, billiards, table soccer and smoking shisha!

And lastly we had for the summer season to teach with three kite instructors; enough capacity for you and the kite. Since Nagy is-our heart, soul and native instructor, Marin-VDWS instructor arriving fresh from Austria and Danique- also a VDWS kite instructor joins our team making it stronger with the compiled fluency in German, English and Dutch!

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