Kitesurfing in Morocco – Between perfect waves and absolute flat water….

Thinking about kitesurfing in Morocco you probably imagine nice wavespots with strong, clear waves and steady wind. Sounds great, but all the freestylers among us talk about nice flat water when it comes to defining a perfect kitesurf spot. However, if you think you have to fly all the way to Dakhla in order to find such conditions in Morocco you are far off. South of the KiteWorldWide partner kiteschool in Essaouira you’ll find a river mouth with perfect flat water. A long walk is not necessary, just launch your kite at the bay of Essaouira, take a short trip downwind and you are there. In case the wind is not enough to kite back upwind at the end of the session you will have no other choice but strolling back along the beach, though.

If the river mouth is due to the tide level impossible to kite at, you still have nice conditions at the bay of Essaouira. With small kicker waves and enough space to spot your takeoff between the waves you will still find freestyle-adequate conditions at the bay.
However, if you do want to learn how to wavekite, simply sign in at our Kitesurf Progression & Wave Clinics in Essaouira. The perfect introduction into the world of wavekiting whilst always having the opportunity to grab your twintip and go wild at a perfect flatwater spot just around the corner.

With KiteWorldWide in Essaouira not only wavekiters of all stages but also free- and wakestyler will fully get their money worth. For the non-kiting company there is surfing and stand-up-paddling and for the ones that are afraid of the water there is always camel riding at the bay of Essaouira. ;)

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