Kiteclub Seahorse Bay News June

The summer wind season is now open! It truly a spectacle, with now half of its strong wind days being 20 knots plus. The Kiteclub Seahorse Bay team and their students have already had a lot of fun during this windy June 2012!

Throughout the last two weeks we have actually given children lessons. After the courses, Jonas, Greta, Louis, Peer, Finn and also David fearlessly went to our Seahorse Bay, like pros.

In addition to our courses we of course took our weekly trips to Hurghada and El Gouna; chill nights on the beach with live music in El Gouna and long party nights in Hurghada.

In our previous newsletter we shortly spoke about…Ibi’s newest plans for the kiteclub.

Now we can proudly say that since the first week of June, our new “outstanding-underground” kite school is in operation! We find it to be out of this world good!

Almost double the size of the older kite schools with enough area for storage and our Gaastra, F-one and Slingshot kites.

And what do we do with all of this space? More guest rooms directly on spot of the Kiteclub Seahorse Bay! Here is a completely new building with four rooms. Be sure to reserve your place now because starting August 1st these rooms will be ready for you!

Also for the kite learning events with intensive schooling are these rooms also available. From September to December there are six events for the kite travel event with a group feeling!

Don’t worry: the space in the water is still just as limited as before. Only now can more people live directly at the Kiteclub.

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