Kiteclub Seahorse Bay in May- Learning to Kitesurf in Egypt

Kiteclub Seahorse Bay in May started with our new friends Hardi, Uli, Josefine, Harmut and Simone as a short-term spot to learn how to kitesurf. Despite the unusually thin winds and few hour yields with our kite instructors in the water, we can say- everyone has caught the kite fever!

During down-time we all used this time to relax, play volleyball, SUP, surf the internet and of course spoil ourselves in the cafeteria. During our weekly trip to Hurghada we were able to, this time, indulge in the Downtown’s typical, and slightly oriental flavored sugarcane juice. After a stroll through the Bazaar, we went to the marina, topping the night off with a cocktail.

Finally we used the next day to kite. Unfortunately, the tides weren’t too agreeable, but nevertheless we found alternatives- a quad trip in the desert! In addition to our four-wheeled ride through the endless desert, we were shown a Bedouin village, rode camels and enjoyed the sun with many other people waiting with us for the wind!

The second half of the month started with more or less moderate wind giving us time to play volleyball, beach tennis, SUP, snorkel, etc. But we did also manage to get a few more wind-days to complete our courses. Our guests even have time to go out and practice on their own for hours out in the water.

With Andi, Christian E., Nils, Matthias and Nicole visiting us as our “friends” of the month, we were able to convince them again from Ibi & friends.

Starting the middle of May, all of the Kiteclub rooms were booked and following came the summer wind with a day over 20 knots!

Our chefs Hamada and Khaled pamper all of our guests with delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, a weekly BBQ and for those of you sweet-lovers, a “Cake of the Day.”

Due to high demand for our guestrooms right in the Kiteclub, directly on spot, will not be able to save more, Ibi has returned from Germany with many new and exciting plans for the Kiteclub. But we will tell you more information about this in our next newsletter!

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