Kenya – Kitesurf in January in the Kite Lodge

With high expectations we were looking forward to the year 2013 and we must say it started more „exhaustingly“ than we expected. Besides many strong wind days, which forced our 7ers to come out of their bags (and by the way made me wait for the first test of the new 11m Best Cabo for two weeks), we always had enough wind to at least launch the 12m kites. Only one day the wind gave us a break to take a short breath.

Because wind is not all of it in Kenya the weather god sent us plenty of sun throughout the whole month and only some tiny clouds stopped bye some time. Tanned skins and some sun burns here and there were on daily notice at the Kite Lodge Kenya.

To keep our kiters busy we had kite sessions every day starting at noon and ending at sunset for the motivated ones among us. To get even the most spoiled kiters smiling to the fullest we again had our famous downwind trips, photo shootings and even two full-moon sessions.

For everybody who wanted to see more than the marvelous kite beach and to change the board shorts to a David-Livingstone-Outfit they could choose between Massai Mara and the two Parks Tsavo East and West at Mombasa. In every Park you can see elephants, lions and lots of other animals that would make any zoo more than jealous. Those who were too intimidated by a safari or just wanted to keep it simple strolled around the village next door or went snorkeling.

Now we are looking forward to our african escalope tonight and are very much looking forward to a promisingand hopefully windy february. Hakuna matata!




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