James & Manu @ KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town

This is the next short guest blog post by Pro Kitesurfer and videographer James Boulding. With his girlfriend, Manuela Jungo (also pro kitesurfer) he is in KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town:

“After our hectic first few days of acclimatising and first few sessions we thought things might relax and have a few days on and off the water. WRONG! The wind here has been so good, all day every day we have been taking advantage and scoring some classic cape doctor conditions. We’ve been fitting in some freestyle & kicker sessions in the morning at Big Bay (10 minute drive from the mansion), then heading out to score some nice wave riding in the afternoon right outside the mansion at Sunset Beach until our bodies needed rest and refuelling back at the mansion. To keep up with this schedule of riding we have utilised some of the roof space for some pilates & yoga sessions or I fear our bodies will not last the season with this much riding!

Yesterday we made the hour long trip north from Cape Town to the Coastal dwelling of Langebaan and enjoyed some flat water riding conditions to bust out some flat water freestyle riding. It’s definitely worth the trip and gives you a good alternative option if the wind in Cape Town is too strong for your liking as it normally offers kiting on a few kite sizes bigger. As per usual, we arrived back into cape town to some nice waves and stole a sunset session 50m from the mansion at Sunset. After which we were treated by Marc, our friendly mansion guide to a typical South African Brai (BBQ) and with some guests newly arrived at the mansion enjoying their first kite lesson there were stories of the days activities being told late into the night.



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