Great wind conditions at Seahorse Bay

Winter is around the corner and weather is getting colder.
During the last two weeks Katharina, Michael, Eveline, Gian Marco, Christian, Thomas, Gerline, Andreas, Simone, Olaf, Yasar, Oliver, Simon, Iris, Christian, Heike, Enrico, Stephanie, Harald, Daniela, Joerd, Alexander, Bjoern, Kirstin, Dominik, Alexandra, Catje, Johannes and our polish friends took the opportunity to go somewhere with warm weather and great wind: Seahorse Bay. [singlepic id=721w=300 h=200 float=left]

With an average of 18-25 knots they all got their money’s worth. The training also includes learning the new rules of the program and also new maneuvers. With these great conditions, it was a huge learning success. There were a few broken kites and a few arm and leg cuts. This is something that is always expected though. Despite the muscle maps, we are excited and looking forward to kiting the next season.
Two of our guest took a beautiful day trip to Luxor by plan without bringing a kite. Stefan and his family had a great experience and got to swim with dolphins.
[singlepic id=730w=300 h=200 float=right]
During the eventing outings, they celebrated strongly and the mood was relaxed and good. The bonfire night was an absolute hit especially since the temperatures are very fresh in the evening. We all met around the bon fire to enjoy the kiteclub and the heat from the fire.
The team from Kiteclub Seahorse Bay had a great time with you guys and are looking forward to seeing you again!

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