• Kitesurfing on Djerba

    Huge shallow lagoon

  • The Boutique Hotel Jardins de Toumana

    With a large pool and enough places to relax

    Kitesurfing Djerba Pool
  • An ideal spot for beginners

    Great freestyle conditions also for intermediates and pros

  • KiteWorldWide Kite Center Djerba

    Latest kitesurfing equipment from Core Kiteboarding and Flysurfer


    Have dinner in a restaurant with fantastic food

    Kitesurfing Djerba Dinner
  • Beauty sleep

    In our suits, rooms, and family apartments

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Kitesurf Holiday Djerba

Insider Tip for kitesurfing in Tunisia


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+ Huge shallow water lagoon for beginners, intermediates, and freestylers
+ Beautiful Boutique Hotel Jardins de Toumana in typical Djerbian style
+ KiteWorldWide kite station with the latest gear from CORE Kiteboarding 
+ Holiday destination suited for single travelers, couples, and families

After we had to let go of some destinations last year with a heavy heart, we have been tirelessly searching for a new spot that meets the KiteWorldWide criteria. On our search, we jetted around the entire world almost once, until Maik from kitereisen.tv told us to have a look at Djerba, Tunisia.

We took his advice and so we got on a plane in Hamburg in September and got off in the absolute kitesurfing paradise in the middle of Tunisia. The small island Djerba is located in the southeast of Tunisia and is a real insider tip among kitesurfers. Many do not really have this nearby destination on their radars.

We found a lot of great spots and a great shallow water lagoon here. We liked it so much that we went there a few more times and then submitted a request for a spot to the Tunisian government. Finally, we even took the KITE BUDDY with us to test the spot and get his opinion about a kitesurf holiday Djerba. Spoiler alert: He loved it!

Now that we finally have the contract for the kite spot, we can start to build a completely new kite center for you at our exclusive KiteWorldWide Spot and build a kite infrastructure, which doesn’t exist on Djerba yet.

True to our philosophy, we didn’t want to pick just any place to accommodate you at this great new spot, but we’ve found a wonderful hotel for you. The Boutique Hotel Jardins de Toumana is 20-25 minutes away from the spot and features spacious suites and family apartments. Speaking of family: non-kiters can get their money’s worth in Djerba as well, thanks to various activities like Stand- Up Paddling, horse riding, shopping, and ATV tours into the desert.


Jardin-de-Toumana KiteWorldWide Pool
Jardin-de-Toumana KiteWorldWide Pool
Jardin-de-Toumana Garden
Jardin-de-Toumana Garden
kitesurf schule djerba (4 von 24)
kitesurf schule djerba (4 von 24)
Jardin-de-Toumana Night
Jardin-de-Toumana Night
Jardin-de-Toumana Patio
Jardin-de-Toumana Patio
Photo 08.10.19, 11 43 44
Photo 08.10.19, 11 43 44
Photo 08.10.19, 11 54 18
Photo 08.10.19, 11 54 18
2019-10-06 09.40.07
2019-10-06 09.40.07
2019-10-06 09.39.53
2019-10-06 09.39.53
Jardin-de-Toumana Pool Night
Jardin-de-Toumana Pool Night

Kitesurfing on Djerba

The Spot

The spot on Djerba is perfect for beginners due to its large shallow area.
On the large shallow water lagoon near El Kantara on the Roman embankment, there is enough space for beginners to train. Here, you can learn to kite quickly and safely thanks to the huge standing area. But intermediates and freestylers will also find plenty of space to practice their jumps or challenging maneuvers. Since the lagoon has a direct access to the Mediterranean Sea, it is hardly dependent on the tides and you can always get on the water without waiting for the tide.

A 400-meter wide access area at our spot guarantees that launching and landing kitesurfers always have enough space. This way, you can fully concentrate on kiting and achieve fast learning results.

The shallow water lagoon with its sandy ground (no stones, shells, corals or anything else) and more than 70% wind days per year is ideal for unforgettable kite sessions.


Especially in spring, Djerba is extremely wind stable and therefore perfect for learning to kitesurf when the North Sea and the Baltic Sea do not allow any training due to the temperatures yet. The wind statistics of Djerba are not to be neglected for the rest of the year, either.

Quelle: https://www.windguru.cz/archive-stats.php?id_spot=359

The average wind yield between April and October is more than 65% per month if you can get used to a bigger kite.  We will have lots of kites from CORE Kiteboarding on site.

KiteWorldWide Kitesurf Holiday Packages

As in many other KiteWorldWide destinations, we also offer all-round carefree packages in Djerba for maximum holiday fun – without hidden costs.

Advanced and intermediate kitesurfers who arrive with their own equipment or those who do not kite themselves can choose the basic package and receive the same services as included in the kite course packages, excluding courses and equipment rental.

Included services:

– Accommodation in booked category
– Kite services as booked
– Wetsuit, harness and if required vest and helmet rental
– Half-board
– Airport transfer there / back
– Daily spot transfer
– Weekly Tunisian barbecue
– Usage of the kite center infrastructure

Disclaimer: Since these are strongly reduced package prices, the costs for equipment/course will not be refunded in case of unsuitable weather (no wind or storm)!

Kite Center

For our new spot in Djerba, we are building a completely new KiteWorldWide Kite Center.

Soon we will be able to show you the first pictures of the new kite center. We may not be able to present you a completely finished kite center at the start of the season in April 2019 yet, but you can be sure that there will be a sufficient kite infrastructure on site.

VDWS Courses / Material


At the Kitecenter Djerba, the professional teachers will train you in German or English. All instructors are licensed and teach in small groups of up to 4 people so that you make progress as quickly as possible.

If you complete a kite course, you can also directly purchase your VDWS kite license, which confirms your current kite level and allows you to rent equipment anywhere in the world.

For intermediate and advanced kitesurfers, we offer additional advanced courses to reach the next (VDWS) level.


At the Kiteclub we offer you brand new kite material of the current season. The large kite pool consists of kites from CORE Kiteboarding. There is a lot of equipment for all of you.

Beginner’s Package (VDWS Level 0 - 1)

  •  12-hour beginner’s group course
  • small groups of 3 – 4 people
  • kite gear rental for the rest of the week (from the eighth hour and VDWS-level four)
  • VDWS license

Your level: VDWS level 0 – 1 (you have no, or only dryland, kite experience)

Intermediate’s Package (VDWS Level 2 - 3)

  • 6-hour group course for intermediates
  • kite gear rental for the rest of the week (from the fourth course hour and VDWS level four)
  • small groups of 3 – 4 people
  • VDWS license upgrade

Your level: VDWS Level 2 – 3 (you’ve already done body drags, you can start the kite from the water and/or you’ve practiced water starts)

Advanced Package (VDWS Level 4 - 7)

  • 3 hours of semi-private coaching to reach individual goals
  • gear rental for the entire time (from VDWS level four)
  • the hours can be individually spread throughout the week
  • VDWS license upgrade

Your level: VDWS level 4 or higher (you’ve already completed a kitesurf course but you need to practice riding upwind, want to improve your riding in general or reach a personal goal)

Rental Package

All additional services and usage of our kite pool in Djerba are included in the kitesurf holiday rental package. This way you’ll always have the appropriate kite, no matter how strong the wind.

Additional Services

Additional kite services that can be added to the basic package

(these prices are 10% cheaper here than they will be if you decide to book the services on location)

Advanced course 4 hours (own gear required): 150€


Accommodation in Boutique Hotel Jardins de Toumana

Only about 20-25 minutes away from our lagoon, we found a beautiful, typical Djerbian hotel. The hotel Jardins de Toumana is located in the northeast of the island, in the tourist centre of Djerba-Midoun. It is an authentic and friendly Boutique Hotel, where you can relax yourself and your non-kiting companions. You will stay in beautiful apartments or in spacious suites.

Only 250m away you will find a private beach with sun beds and umbrellas. The beach towels are available free of charge at the hotel. On the roof of the Boutique Hotel, the La Tavla Lounge offers you a relaxed atmosphere during the summer season. You can also enjoy a selection of drinks and delicious tapas up there. And shisha fans will also get their money’s worth here.

The Boutique Hotel also offers massages, body treatments and facials by prior reservation.

Boutique Hotel Jardins de Toumana

Those who come to Djerba for kitesurfing stay in the typically Djerbian furnished Hotel Jardins de Toumana. Here you will find very spacious superior apartments with bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchenette or you enjoy the beautiful suites with two bedrooms, living room, two bathrooms and kitchenette.

Superior Apartment

On spacious 40-50 sqm you have space for up to four people. The apartments have a bedroom with a double bed, a living area, a bathroom and kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave. The apartments have air conditioning and a flat screen TV with satellite, a telephone and free internet access. You can lock your valuables in a safe free of charge.

From the apartments you have access to the private garden or terrace.


On 80-82 sqm there are two bedrooms with double bed and two single beds. In the separate living area, there is the possibility of two additional beds, so that a total of six people can be accommodated in the suites. You will find two bathrooms with shower and bathtub in the suites. The kitchenette is equipped with a refrigerator and microwave. The Suites have air conditioning and a flat screen TV with satellite, a telephone and free internet access and you can lock your valuables in a safe free of charge.

From the suites you have access to the private garden and terrace.


The restaurant of the Boutique Hotel La Fleur de Sel offers you upscale cuisine and serves regional and homemade products, giving you an insight into Tunisian cuisine.
The breakfast is typical Tunisian mainly sweet with fresh jam, cake, honey, pancakes and freshly prepared eggs in any form. It offers international cuisine and local dishes, and for those who like fish and seafood, there is a wide variety of dishes.

Together with the other KiteWorldWide guests you will sit at a separate KiteWorldWide table in the restaurant and can help yourself to the lunch and dinner buffet. So the community feeling will be very important for you also in the restaurant of the Hotel Jardins de Toumana.

The bar in the restaurant has a wine cellar from which you can taste the best imported rums and whiskies.


Further activities in Djerba

Activities, that can be booked on location (additional cost)

Day trip to Houmt Souk

In order for you to see more of Djerba than just the kite spot and your hotel, we offer you a great trip to a local market in the old town of Houmt Souk. Here you will find everything from spices and traditional crafts to beautifully decorated tableware.

Stand Up Paddling

Stand-up paddling is the trend sport of recent years and offers an optimal full body workout for all ages. From Big Wave Surfing in Hawaii to the shallow waters of the Hamburg Alster, SUPs can now be found everywhere. The big lagoon, where our kite spot is located, offers you a great starting and ending point for a SUP tour.

Camel & Horseback Riding

For all horse lovers, there is the possibility to take a trip on the back of your favorite animal directly on the beach. If you would like to try out something new, you can also hop on one of the many good-natured camels and enjoy a leisurely ride through the area.

ATV Tours

If you’re looking for a little more adrenaline than a camel ride would give you, you can also go on an ATV tour in the surrounding area. You can speed through the deep sand in the nearby desert area and really feel pure freedom.


Whether it’s clothes, decorative items in Arabic style, carpets, blankets or crockery you’re looking for – Tunisia has all these things at very reasonable prices. If you are good at bargaining, you can really get incredible deals here. And if you don’t feel like it, you won’t have to worry about being dragged into shops by persistent sellers.


Price examples

In the following you will find price examples for the next months. These prices are actual prices (no “beginning from” prices), which have recently been updated. We appreciate your understanding that the flight prices might change.

Basic package:

+ 1 week in the Hotel Jardins de Toumana with half board
+ Airport transfer there and back
+ Daily spot shuttle
+ Kite storage
+ Wetsuit, harness and if required vest and helmet rental

Price per person in double occupancy: 344 €

Beginner package:

+ 12 hours course with kite equipment rental included for the rest of your stay
+ 1 week in the Hotel Jardins de Toumana with half board
+ Airport transfer there and back
+ Daily spot shuttle
+ Wetsuit, harness and if required vest and helmet rental

Price per person in double occupancy: 774

We are happy to help you find the best flights to Djerba – Tunisia. You can fly direct from many airports, e.g. Zurich or Munich but also cheap connection flights from London.  Prices vary in terms of booking date and availabilites (from 180 – 600 €).


General information regarding your trip to Tunisia

    • EU citizens do not need a visa for Djerba
    • you will need a passport that doesn’t expire for at least another six months

Airlines that fly from the UK to Djerba:

  • easyJet
  • British Airways

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights available yet, which brings the total travel time up to about 6 hours.

Immediately after arrival, the transfer to the Boutique Hotel Jardins de Toumana will be arranged. There is enough space for kite luggage and there will be no extra charge for this service.

  • The mains voltage in Tunisia is the usual 230 Volt
  • The most common connector types are C and E
  • Free wifi is available in the Hotel Jardins de Toumana

• school is VDWS licensed

• Brand new gear from Flysurfer and Core Kiteboarding

• – The kitespot is located about 20-25 minutes from the Hotel Jardins de Toumana. The daily transfer is included for you.

  • The Boutique Hotel on Djerba offers you a delicious and varied breakfast.
  • The aparmtents and Suites also have a kitchenette and refrigerators where you can prepare and store snacks.
  • We attach great importance to working with farmers, fishermen and markets from the surrounding villages. The Boutique Hotel restaurant serves regional and homemade products. We therefore ask for your understanding that due to the regional and seasonal product selection, the hotel can only cater to certain needs to a limited extent, such as lactose-free, gluten-free or vegan food.