• Windy Paradise

    Lots of space on the water

  • Wonderful spot

    Be on the water all day!

  • Just let loose!

    The perfect conditions for new freestyle tricks

  • Shredding in the European kite metropolis!

    Kitesurfers, surfers and aquaholics everywhere

  • Party on the water and in the old town!

    Party nights with cocktails & surfvibes

  • Follow the wind every day!

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Kitesurf Holiday Tarifa

The European kitesurf Mecca


UK: +44 (0)2036 085 777
DE: +49 (0)40 20 93 45 090
CH: +41 (0)43 50 81 504

+ Our own kite school exclusive for KiteWorldWide guests
+ Season from April 1st till June 30thand September 1st till October 31st
+ Spanish lifestyle and epic nightlife
+ High wind probability and mild climate only a few flying hours away from north Europe
+ KiteWorldWide Town House Tarifa for a great community feeling
+ KiteWorldWide guide on site

Tarifa has always been special to us like with many others in the kite community. The Kite Metropolis of Europe, if not of the world. The long stretch of 10km beach with the views across to Morocco, coupled with its surfer lifestyle and endless party nights in the old town, tapas bars. It has become the (adopted) country of many pros – for a reason. Here the wind blows almost non-stop due to the straits of Gibraltar. There aren’t many kiters, who don’t fall in love with Tarifa at first kite (sight : )).

With the KiteWorldWide Town House Tarifa, we have the perfect accommodation right in the center of the old town. With the restaurants and tapas bars all close by. The house has been lovingly furnished and with a splendid rooftop terrace and community kitchen.

Also you have a guide on site who is available for you 24/7 and helps you with all your questions.

Tarifa is consistently windy,  you either have the mild  “Poniente” (westerly winds) which are strong sea breezes or “Levante” the hot desert easterly winds.

In 2016 we opened our own kite school which is exclusive for KiteWorldWide guests. Learn kitesurfing in a relaxed atmosphere with instructors who are experts on the conditions in Tarifa as well as the way we like to do things in Kiteworldwide. We are open from March through to the end of June, we then have a summer siesta and then kick off again in September. This way we can ensure that you get the high level of service and experience.

What’s happening if there isn’t any wind (this is rare but can happen)? Wakeboarding, surfing, SUP and/or longboarding

We have a fantastic BBQ on the amazing terrace above the roofs of Tarifa which just can’t be missed.

On top of  that, we hit the clubs and bars with you. Tarifa is and will always be something special! With KiteWorldWide, also newcomers will have an amazing experience in this surfers dream come true…


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Kitesurfing in Tarifa

Tarifa is located on the Strait of Gibraltar where the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meet and Europe and Africa are at some points only 14 km away from one another. Due to the strait and the ocean currents, this area is especially warm—which has a jet effect and increases the wind.

During the main summer season (from around July to the middle of September), the beaches are separated into swimming, sunbathing, kitesurfing and kitesurf beginner zones. Therefore we don’t offer this destination at this time of the year. Any other time, so from March until July and September until October, you can kite on any part of the beaches without restrictions. The conditions for a downwinder are perfect at this time of the year and a session or two could be arranged.

Kite Spots

In Tarifa and the surrounding area, there are tons of spots with different conditions for all kitesurf levels. Of course, it’s also possible to kitesurf at kite spots other than our main location. The KiteWorldWide team is here for you and will give you all the information you need to make sure you get the most from your holiday.

Los Lances

Our main spot in Tarifa is at the Los Lances beach. The beach is one of the most beautiful in southern Spain. Here the sand is dazzlingly fine and white —as opposed to other beaches here in the south. Two small rivers run parallel to the beach and make small flat water lagoons for kitesurfing at high tide.


In Tarifa, on the Costa de la Luz, there are different classes of winds. The best known are the levante and the poniente.

The levante is a strong, warm wind from the east. It can work itself up to a wind speed of 8 Bft after a few days, but is usually around 6-7 Bft.

The poniente is the best wind for kitesurfers. It blows at a wind speed of about 6 Bft from the west onshore side to the city beach and is a little cooler than the levante. Thanks to this wind, the temperature in Tarifa stays pretty nice in the middle of the summer. A little farther out to sea, it carries small swells with it.

Tarifa travel packages

Included services:

  • Accomodation in booked category
  • Daily spot transfer
  • Routa de Tapas (Tarifa tour)
  • Weekly BBQ on the rooftop of the KiteWorldWide House
  • Tarifa Scene Tour (evening tour)
  • KWW guide and contact on site

Attention: Due to the extremely reduced package prices, there are no refunds of costs for the rental equipment or courses in the case of unsuitable weather conditions (too much or too less wind)!

Kitesurf courses

Kitesurf Courses

In 2016 we opened our own new kite school in Tarifa exclusively for KiteWorldWide guests. Learn kitesurfing totally relaxed in small groups with kite instructors at the usual KiteWorldWide niveau.


On site, you’ll find the latest equipment from North Kiteboarding.

Beginner Courses

  • 12 hours beginner course (3-4 students)
  • Kite equipment for the rest of your stay
  • VDWS exam & License (Kitesurf license)
  • Daily spot transfer

Intermediate Courses

  • 6 hours semi private intermediate course (max 2 students)
  • Kite equipment for the rest of your stay
  • Daily spot transfer
  • VDWS exam and license (or upgrade to next level)

Advanced Courses

  • 2 hours private course (1 student per instructor)
  • Downwinder or kitetrip
  • Kite equipment for the rest of your stay
  • Daily spot transfer
  • VDWS exam and license (or upgrade to next level)

Wave introduction

  • 2 hours private waveboard introduction  course
  • Waveboard rent for the whole stay (Kites not included)
  • Downwinder or kite trip
  • Daily spot transfer

Rental Package

  • Kite equipment rent for your whole stay
  • Daily spot transfer
  • Downwinder or kite trip

Please understand that we assume a safe kite control for the equipment rental

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The KiteWorldWide Town House in the center of Tarifa

KiteWorldWide Tarifa Townhouse

This Spanish townhouse is located in the middle of the old town of Tarpa. It has been completely renovated in the Andalusian style with great attention to detail. The special highlight in this accommodation is the atrium in the middle of the house and the bright and open courtyard.


On the lower floor, you will find three studios of different sizes, each with its own bathroom and kitchenette.

In a family-like atmosphere, you can have dinner together with like-minded people on the rooftop terrace or in the comfortable living area and talk about the successful kite day.

Please note that our accommodations in Tarifa are located in the middle of the old town with many cozy bars. Therefore, it can get louder in the evenings during high season (mainly August).


You can also book one of the four super-beautiful bedrooms on the upper floor, each with its own bathroom. You’ll have access to the whole house including the living room/kitchen and a huge rooftop terrace with breathtaking views over the city. From here, you also have a view of the harbor and the sea and can relax and check the wind situation.

The ‘Master Bedroom’ also has its own balcony.


The largest Studio 1 has a bathroom with a bathtub and shower, a fully equipped kitchen and direct access to the common courtyard. Please note that this studio is located directly on a small side street and can get a little louder during high season.

In addition to a private kitchen and bathroom, Studio 3 also features a private courtyard with a seating area.

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Alternative activites


Even if you can see the African coast some days, the 14km are a little far to swim.  Its easy enough to jump on a short boat ride to reach the African continent. For an excursion to the other continent, it’s better to take the ferries from Tarifa which cross the Strait of Gibraltar in 35 minutes.
It’s a great experience to walk around the traditional Moroccan markets and go shopping in typical small shops and really soak up the Moroccan culture, its worlds away.


Gibraltar is easy accessible by rental car and really worth a visit. Under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, this overseas territory is only 6.5km². Upon arrival, it is very important that you have valid ID cards!

From the European Point, the southernmost point of Gibraltar, you have an overwhelming view of the African and Spanish coastline, and of the strait of Gibraltar. You will see English policemen, red phone boxes and monkeys!  Its quite a combination. On the Rock of Gibraltar are the only naturally living monkeys in Europe.

Whales & Dolphins

Another real highlight is the whales and dolphins that you can see around the coast of Tarifa. On this tour, you’ll take a boat onto the water and check out the home of different dolphin species: common dolphins, striped dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and porpoises. With a little luck, you may see some swordfish, sperm whales, or finbacks swimming their way between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea through the Strait of Gibraltar.  The sea life he is truly amazing here.


If kiteloops are not giving you enough air, take a paragliding flight and enjoy the fascinating view over Tarifa the cote de luz of Spain and the corner of African coast..

Horse riding

Tarifa is not only a kitesurfers paradise. For horse lovers the trails here are to die for.  Horse trails through the spectacular dunes of Punta Paloma in the Natural Park of El Estrecho, with Africa on the horizon the views are fantastic. You will experience all the elements of nature: fauna, flora, sea, mountains and wind.  Even if you have never experienced horse riding before this is a real must do activity.

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General information

How to get to Tarifa?

Airport transfer & rental car

There are airports in Jerez, Malaga, Gibraltar and Seville to which many different airlines from all over Europe fly.

Airport: Malaga (AGP) or Jerez (XRY)

From UK:

Flights are possible from many UK airports with Ryan Air or Easy Jet

From Scandinavia:

Our closest destination lays around four hours flight time from Oslo. You can either fly to Jerez or Malaga.

Ryan Air flies from Oslo (Torp and Rygge), Haugesund, Billund, Aarhus, Gothenburg, Malmo and Stockholm (Skavsta and Vasteras) several times a week and is the cheapest alternative if booked early.

Norwegian, SAS and Air Berlin are other airlines with good offers.

From Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim, Torp, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg Norwegian takes you directly to Malaga several times a week.

We would be glad to arrange transportation from any of these airports for you, but we suggest (due to high transportation prices) that you rent a car. This way you can stay flexible and check out the area.

During the off-season, you can rent a small car for upwards of €70 a week (!) and €150 a week during the busy season!

We would be glad to help you find a package applicable to your situation from our partner Holidayautos. All of their rental prices include all insurance costs (except the deductible).

Cheap flights to Tarifa?

You can reach Tarifa with cheap airlines like Ryan Air, Iberia, AirBerlin, Norwegian and EasyJet among others. For questions or advices, don’t hesitate to contact us!


The local currency is the Euro €.
Per day you should calculte between 10 and 20 Euro.

Payment via EC/Master/Visa Card is possible.


At the Estrella Hotel, Free Wifi is available.

The Spot

From both hotels you’ll walk 15-20 min to the kite school.

Food and Beverage

In our mostly rather remote destinations, we put great emphasize on the cooperation with farmers, fishermen and markets from the surrounding villages. Due to the use of regional and seasonal products, we ask for your understanding that specific diets cannot always be catered for – such as lactose free, gluten free or vegan dishes.