• From Bed to Board

    Accommodation right at the spot!

  • warm temperatures

    The wetsuit can stay at home

  • unique panorama

    The Cerro Chame should be on your bucket list!

  • Wakeboarding

    For you included!

  • Downwinder and hidden Freestyle Spots

    Adventure kite trip to hidden sandbanks

  • Learn to kitesurf

    with our partner kitesurf school in Punta Chame


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Kitesurfing in Panama – Punta Chame

Kitespots in Punta Chame: Your kitesurfing holiday to Panama


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CH: +41 (0)43 50 81 504

+ Funsport resort directly at the spot
+ Boardshorts and bikini weather every day
+ Big lagoon with lots of wind at the doorstep
+ Wakeboarding cable park at the hotel & many other activities
+ Season from December to Easter
+ Direct flight connections from Europe
+ Large selection of different sports
+ Awesome for couples, families and friends

A lot of kitesurfers don’t even have Panama on their list when it comes to planning a kite trip. But there are great kite spots in panama and wind all day long! So kitesurfing in Panama should be an option for you.

The opening of the Nitro City Hotel in Panama, put Punta Chame as a kitesurfing spot on the map again. A huge area with its own wakeboard cable park (included in the price), large pool – directly at the kitespot. Wind from December to April: Perfect to escape the cold in the north. What are you waiting for?

Kitesurfing conditions in Panama with wind for about nine to ten square meters. But you should take a seven and twelve with you as well, you’ll never know. ;) The spot itself is a large lagoon, enclosed by the 20 km long and 500 m wide Punta Chame peninsula. Anyone who has ever kitesurfed in Dakhla will feel very comfortable here. Only ten minutes away by car, on the other side of the peninsula, there is a nice swell coming in for surfers.

Panama itself is definitive worth a trip. Partying in Panama City’s old town “Casco Viejo” is brilliant, the San Blas Islands one of the last real paradise islands of the world, Volcano Hike in Boquete, world class diving on the Isla Coiba, original Indian villages of the Embera inland and of course the modern wonder of the world, the Panama Canal.

The water temperature is around 26° Celsius and the air temperature around  31°. So the wetsuit can stay at home. You’ll only need long pants and jumpers for the flight. There are daily flights to Panama and mostly cheap. Most of them even directly. How awesome is that?!

You live right next to the spot, with a great view on the spot, so you’ll always know when the wind is perfect for kitesurfing. The former Nitro City Hotel, which is now the Maalaea Beach Resort you’ll find a lot of activities to do during your stay. Instead of motocross there is now also a children’s playground. Perfect for the whole kitesurfing family.


Kitesurfing in Panama

Luckily for us Kitesurfers: Panama is in the trade wind belt that also supplies Venezuela and the ABC islands with wind. Panama is getting a lot of it from the end of November until April. So perfect timing to head to Panama for some kitesurfing!

Usually the wind starts at noon and gets stronger and stronger until the evening. So if you’re an early bird or just have a jetlag because you’re in a different time zone. An early morning session is always a good start into the day, isn’t it? Then an extensive breakfast, Siesta at the pool and in the afternoon on the water again. Sounds like a kitesurfing holiday how it’s supposed to be.

By the way, you can leave your wetsuit at home! Thanks to 26°C water temperature!

If you’re walking into the water, you should keep your eyes open for stingrays, because they like to bury themselves in the sand.

Are you still a beginner? Then be prepare! Check out our kitesurfing learning page in order to get yourself optimally prepared for your kitesurfing trip to Panama.

The Kitesurfing Spots in Panama:

Punta Chame Main Spot
Right in front of your doorstep you have the fantastic lagoon of Punta Chame. Most of the time the water is shallow and perfect for every level. Due to the kilometre long and very wide sandy beach at low tide you have enough space to launch and land your kite at the lagoon. Depending on the tide the beach is sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller.  At spring tide it can happen that the beach is covered to the highest point of the tide and you have to take a break of one to two hour.

Also all the kitesurfers who love downwinders won’t miss out here!

Wayne Island and Sandbank
At low tide, a huge sandbank forms about two kilometres from the beach. It spreads along with side-onshore wind. Those who know the speed spot in Dakhla can imagine what it means: A glassy freestyle spot of the finest. Of course, we will gladly take you there if you can safely walk upwind.

Kitesurfing School in Panama - Punta Chame

In Panama we work together with an established partner kite school under English-German management. The kitesurf school is located a 300 m short beach walk from the Maalaea Resort. Advanced kitesurfers can of course go out directly in front of the hotel.

The kite school is IKO licensed and has a wide range of core kiteboarding equipment available. The lessons are held in German and English, also with radios.

There are regular downwinders and trips to the sandbank off Wayne Island. Other activities such as surfing, hiking, tours to small waterfalls and more are also offered. (for an extra charge).

The kitesurf school is located in Panama Kite House. There the kitesurfers meet regularly in Punta Chame for sundowner drinks.

we organize a BBQ once a week, which is of course included in the price of your trip.

IKO Kitesurfing Courses & Kitematerial Rental in Panama

Kitesurf Courses
In Panama you will be trained in English or German by the professional team of kitesurfing instructors.

The courses are – if you book alone – always private courses. So a fast learning success is guaranteed.

If you want to take a course together with your partner or a friend, semi-private courses can also be offered.

Kitesurfing Equipment
In our partner kitesurf school in Panama we work with kitesurf equipment from Core Kiteboarding.

Beginner Kitesurfing Package

For absolute beginners

  •  10 hours private kitesurfing course (1 teacher per student)
  • Kitesurfing equipment rental after the course

If you arrive in pairs and are both beginners, you can also do the course together (then of course it is a bit cheaper).

Intermediate package

Have you ever taken a kitesurfing course? But it was a bit longer ago or you didn’t get that far? We recommend private lessons for beginners!

  • You get used to the spot, the wind and the warm water
  • The goal is the safe kite control and waterstart incl. driving in both directions
  • Through the private lessons the professional kite instructor can enter exactly what you want
  • We recommend 6 hours of private lessons. If you want more, you can book it on the spot
  • After the course you will get more rental equipment

If you arrive in pairs and both are on a similar kite level, you can also do the course together (then of course it is a bit cheaper).

Advanced package

You can already run high for sure, but want to turn, jump, switch or learn something similar? Come to Private Coaching.

  • 2 hours of private lessons to achieve your individual learning goal
  • Equipment rental for the whole time (safe kite control provided)
  • The course can be taken flexibly during the week

Rental package

In the rental package you have complete kitesurfing equipment for your entire holiday and for all conditions. This also includes the harness.


Maalaea Resort Punta Chame (formerly Nitro City Panama)

Directly at the lagoon of Punta Chame lies the Māalaea Resort. The best for you as a kiter: it’s only a few meters to the beach and to the kitespot! The hotel offers you absolute relaxation while kitesurfing in Panama – whether for single travelers or for the whole family.

The hotel has just been renamed and given a new concept. Before that it was the well known Nitro City Panama. Now everything is a little less extreme and more relaxed. The focus in the winter months is clearly on kitesurfing.

Nitro City is now a thing of the past, but some things have stayed for you to keep the whole family busy:

The ultimate is definitely the wakeboard facility, which is located on the resort grounds. The 2-point course prepares you optimally for kitesurfing or simply offers a fun alternative for in between or in the unlikely event that there should be no wind. The use for you as KiteWorldWide guests is included in the price.

A volleyball court and a soccer field are also available, should you need some compensation or be the non-kiting companion.

If you don’t always want to run to the beach to cool off, you can just jump into the spacious pool and enjoy the view over the spot and watch the other kiters in the distance.

Of course we also take care of the little guests. A playground and a child-friendly pool are waiting for them!

The billiard tables, table football and table tennis tables invite you to a match and will certainly provide a good atmosphere!

The hotel also has its own restaurant where you can enjoy an international buffet. At the bar next to the pool you can sip cocktails and get snacks.


There are only 36 rooms in the complex, all with a breathtaking ocean view and leave nothing to be desired. All rooms have air conditioning and free WLAN, as well as a small fridge and flatscreen TV with cable TV and Netflix.

In the deluxe room you have a comfortable King Size bed and the possibility to request an extra bed. In the Deluxe 2 Room there are two Queen Size beds.




Which travel documents do I need?

Please remember that you will need a passport valid for at least another six months to travel to Panama.

Do I need a Visa?

All travellers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland do not need a visa on entry as long as the stay does not exceed 90 days. If you do not have German citizenship, please enquire in advance about the entry requirements of your country of origin.

Please note that you will need an ESTA if you are transferring in the USA – this is a Travel Authorization that the USA requires from all travellers entering the country. This is regardless of how long you stay in the country, even if it is only a short transfer at the airport, as you will need to enter the country in between to get to your connecting flight. We recommend that you complete the ESTA at least one week before departure, but preferably as early as possible (at https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/). If you have any questions about ESTA, please feel free to contact us at any time.

How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

We are happy to organize an airport transfer for you. So you can get to Punta Chame without stress. Alternatively you can take a rental car directly from the airport.


Here is a link for a currency converter: http://www.oanda.com/lang/de/currency/converter/

The official currency of Panama is the US Dollar and the Panamanian Balboa, which is pegged to the US Dollar. The Panamanian Balboa is only available as coins up to 1 Balboa (=1 USD). All notes are US dollars. You can withdraw money at the airport in Panama City. At the Maalaea Beach Resort you can pay by credit card.

Food and Drinks

In the hotel you have the possibility to use the restaurant and the bar. There is an international buffet and small snacks for in between.

Packing list

Passport (valid for at least 6 months)

Sun Cream and Après Sun Lotion

Bath towel and flip flops

Light clothes (sweater and long trousers for the evening). For hiking tours a thin jacket!

Kite equipment (board, harness, bar and kites)