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Kitesurfing in Italy: Sicily / Lo Stagnone, Marsala


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+ Huge flatwater lagoon
+ Hotel Santa Maria; the ONLY accommodation directly at the spot with a swimming pool
+ Very good wind conditions
+ Season from March till October
+ Newly renovated apartments located on the front row of the kite spot
+ Only 3 hours away (north west Europe)

Kitesurfing in Italy / Sicily, that’s a huge flatwater lagoon spot with very good wind conditions, accommodation right on the spot and a great team of KiteWorldWide instructors teaching with brand new kitesurfing gear.

A truly huge lagoon with flat and shallow water throughout offers the perfect conditions to learn kitesurfing.

The short distance to the African continent is responsible for the warm and pleasant temperatures from March until Ocotber.

Apart from an excellent climate there are two different wind systems that create near constant wind. That’s how we like it!

For the kite lessons, we are working in partnership with the local kite school. We bring our own instructors and equipment while our partner on site offers the spot, storage and other infrastructure.

Like allways we have one of the best accommodations on the spot for you: the Santa Maria Hotel welcomes you with freshly renovated rooms, continental breakfast and the only pool you will find around the lagoon.

Buongiorno Sicilia!

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Kitesurfing in Italy – Marsala / Lo Stagnone on Sicily

One of the biggest flat water lagoons in Europe. The lagoon offers flat water, knee to waist deep throughout, this is Lo Stagnone from Marsala! There are two different wind systems, both suitable for kiting –  and one of them is always on!
At the north eastern end of the lagoon you’ll find the town of Santa Maria and the kite area. At this point, both wind directions are kiteable. A complete kitesurf infrastructure, consisting of a wide area for setting up the equipment, launch and landing area, showers, storage and a restaurant. Everything is covered with the Kitepass, which is included in all KiteWorldWide packages.

Due to the shallow lagoon, you’ll always have perfect flat water. Only in the very middle of the lagoon, the conditions might get slightly choppy.

The popular lagoon is HUGE, so you can be sure to always find enough space for practicing your first meters on the board or new freestyle moves.

There’s a special case about Sicily. Wearing a helmet & impact vest is compulsory at the lagoon of Lo Stagnone since 2019. In addition, children are only allowed to take part in kite courses from the age of 14, which was also enforced by the Italian Coast Guard in 2019.

KiteWorldWide packages in Marsala on Sicily

Like in many other KiteWorldWide destinations, we also offer an all round full service package at the huge Lagoon from Marsala.
Those packages consist of your choice of accommodation and the Kitepass, to use the complete kitesurf infrastructure.

Included services:

      • Kite services as booked
      • With all kite course and rental packages: kitesurf equipment as well as wetsuit and harness for the period of the course and the rest of your stay.
      • Launch and landing service
      • Kite pass, for access to the infrastructure of the kite school
      • Food and Beverage as booked
      • 1 weekly BBQ ( vegetarians, please let us know in advance)

For a transfer from Palermo the additional fee will be 200€ per car,  so 100€ per tour. As an alternative for the airport transfer, we can also organize a rental car for your stay.

Attention: Due to the extremely reduced package prices, there are no refunds of costs for the rental equipment or courses in the case of unsuitable weather conditions (too much or too less wind)!


For the kitesurf courses we have set up a partnership with the first and most established kite school in Sicily. provide our fully qualified VDWS/IKO instructors as well as the latest kite equipment. The partner kite school offers the present infrastructure, consisting of a wide green area for setting up the equipment, showers, landing and launching area and of course the local knowledge of the spot and conditions.

There are also storage possibilities at the kite school if you bring your own equipment.

Courses / Equipment

Kitesurf Courses

At the KiteWorldWide Kite Center Italy / Sicily, you will find English & German speaking fully VDWS and IKO certified instructors. Courses take place in groups of max. 2 students, to guarantee fast results.
For intermediate and advanced kiters we offer more advanced courses to to help you advance to your goals.

Kitesurf Equipment

We have the latest equipment from Core Kiteboarding and Duotone. Just as in all other KiteWorldWide destinations, you’ll find lots of equipment in all sizes and for all conditions.

Beginners Package (VDWS Level 0-1)

Nine hours of semi-private lessons for beginners. Equipment (Kite, Board, Bar and Harness) is included for the course and the rest of your stay.

A max. of 2 students per instructor is the key to improve the learning progress extremely.

Launch and landing service as well as the Kitepass are included. Extension days always also involve the rental equipment.

Intermediate Package (VDWS Level 2 - 4)

Six hours semi-private kite course including equipment for the rest of your stay. Perfect for kiters who already took a kite course and feel they need a little refresh. Only two student per instructor guarantees quick results.

Launch and landing service as well as the Kitepass are included. Extension days include rental equipment.

Advanced Package (VDWS Level 4-7)

Two semi-private kite course hours including equipment rental for the rest of your stay. This will help you to reach your goals! When proving your kite level (min. VDWS level 5), the hour can be taken back any time during the week.

Launch and landing service as well as the Kitepass are included. Extension days include rental equipment.


Equipment Rental Package (min. VDWS Level 5)

Intermediate kiters can book the rental package. This will make sure, that you’ll always have the latest gear and the most suitable kite for all conditions.

Additional Services

Private lessons

Private lessons to reach your individual goals. Just book it in addition to the individual package.
1 hour: 80€

Individual kiter with own equipment and company

Just bring your own equipment and go kitesurfing. Storage, rescue service, launch and landing service are inclusive in the package.  Your friends or family can join you for all activities.

Kiteboarding Events Sicily

You can expect the experienced KiteboardingEvents trainer team, a huge material pool with testikites and boards of different brands and of course support by the KiteWorldWide team on site.

Dates 2020

04.04.20 – 11.04.20 ampel-gruen

11.04.20 – 18.04.20 ampel-gruen
18.04.20 – 25.04.20 ampel-gruen
25.04.20 – 02.05.20 ampel-gruen
02.05.20 – 09.05.20 ampel-gruen
09.05.20 – 16.05.20 ampel-gruen
16.05.20 – 23.05.20 ampel-gruen
23.05.20 – 30.05.20 ampel-gruen
30.05.20 – 06.06.20 ampel-gruen
06.06.20 – 13.06.20 ampel-gruen
13.06.20 – 20.06.20 ampel-gruen
20.06.20 – 27.06.20 ampel-gruen
27.06.20 – 04.07.20 ampel-gruen
04.07.20 – 11.07.20 ampel-gruen
11.07.20 – 18.07.20 ampel-gruen
18.07.20 – 25.07.20 ampel-gruen
25.07.20 – 01.08.20 ampel-gruen
01.08.20 – 08.08.20 ampel-gruen
05.09.20 – 12.09.20 ampel-gruen
12.09.20 – 19.09.20 ampel-gruen
19.09.20 – 26.09.20 ampel-gruen
26.09.20 – 03.10.20 ampel-gruen
03.10.20 – 10.10.20 ampel-gruen
10.10.20 – 17.10.20 ampel-gruen
17.10.20 – 24.10.20 ampel-gruen
24.10.20 – 31.10.20 ampel-gruen

Arrival and departure day is Saturday.


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