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Kitesurfing in El Gouna – Makani Beach

Your kite holiday in El Gouna: kite paradise at Makani Beach Club


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+ Huge shallow water area with turquoise water
+ Only 4 hours flight from Germany
+ 10 km long sandy beach
+ Various hotels in El Gouna, according to your wishes
+ Many international restaurants and bars
+ Large selection of different sports
+ All year summer temperatures
+ Destination for single travellers, couples and families

El Gouna is probably one of the most popular kitespots in the world. This man-made place on the Red Sea is somehow different from all other holiday resorts. A bit artificial. A bit of Egypt. And still authentic. Sounds funny? It is indeed.

For many kitesurfers El Gouna is ” kite-life as it should be “. A huge selection of nice hotels for many price ranges and short distances. Many lovely restaurants and bars. And many kiters. These are spread over several kitesurf centers. Because – even as an advanced kiter – you can only go out at one of those kite center in Egypt. Some centers are completely designed for tons of tourists. Others are smaller and have a higher demand.

We have finally found what we wanted. In the Makani Beach Club you have exactly this kind of exclusivity and high quality that we have not found in El Gouna before.

Are you a kitesurfing beginner and want to learn to kite in a suitable, pleasant area? Then “Learn Kitesurfing El Gouna” is a very good answer to your search! You can find more information for beginners on our kitesurfing learning page.

We will introduce you to El Gouna and which kite trips and kite hotels we can recommend.


El Gouna Kitesurfen Makani_-46
El Gouna Kitesurfen Makani_-46
El Gouna Kitesurfen Makani_-41
El Gouna Kitesurfen Makani_-41
El Gouna Kitesurfen Makani_-45
El Gouna Kitesurfen Makani_-45
El Gouna Kitesurfen Makani_-49
El Gouna Kitesurfen Makani_-49
El Gouna Kitesurfen Makani_-48
El Gouna Kitesurfen Makani_-48
El Gouna Kitesurfen Makani_-44
El Gouna Kitesurfen Makani_-44

Kitesurfing in El Gouna, Egypt – The kitespot:

The kite spot in El Gouna is perfect for beginners due to its large standing area and stable wind direction.

The shallow lagoon in El Gouna at Makani Beach Club offers endless space on the water for kitesurfing. There are no rocks, reefs or any kind of obstructions. It is really a dream spot and one of the best to learn to kite!

The shallow water lagoon with finest sand and more than 70% wind days per year is ideal for unforgettable kite sessions.

If you are a kite beginner and would like to find out in advance what to expect in your first kite lesson, you are welcome to visit our kitesurfing lessons page.

Kitespot in El Gouna overview:

  • Huge shallow water area
  • Barely any stones, reefs or impediments
  • Warm and smooth water
  • Super constant wind
  • Excellent Kitecenter

KiteWorldWide holiday package El Gouna

Like many other KiteWorldWide destinations, El Gouna offers you all-inclusive packages for maximum holiday fun with no hidden costs.

Advanced and intermediate kitesurfers who arrive with their own equipment or people who do not kite themselves can choose the basic package and get the same services as in the kite course packages, excluding the courses and equipment rental.

included services:

  • kite service as booked
  • neoprene suit, trapeze, if required: vest and helmet
  • accommodation & Catering
  • airport transfer there / back
  • weekly BBQ
  • KiteWorldWide Guide on site
  • SUP Rental

If required: Kite storage, rescue, as well as take-off and landing service

Makani Beach Club - Kitecenter in El Gouna

You will find the Makani Beach Club at the Northern beach of El Gouna, right next to the Red Sea and the turquoise lagoon, only a few minutes by Tuk-Tuk from the hotels and the marina in El Gouna. What else awaits you at the Makani Beach Club:

Kite Course / Material

All teachers are licensed and teach in small groups of up to 4-5 people, so that you make progress as quickly as possible.

In the Makani Beach Club we offer you brand new kite material from the current season of Duotone.

Beginner Package

(VDWS Level 0 – 1)

  • 12 hours group course for beginners
  • Lessons in small groups of maximum 4 to 5 students
  • Kite equipment rental for the rest of the week (from the eighth lesson and VDWS level 4)

Your level: VDWS Level 0 – 1, you haven’t had any experience with kitesurfing yet or were only on land

Included in all packages: 1 x weekly BBQ, KiteWorldWide Guide on site and SUP rental

Intermediate Package

(VDWS Level 2 – 3)

  • 6 hours advanced group kitecourse
  • including kite equipment rental also for the rest of the week (from the fourth lesson and VDWS Level 4)
  • Lessons in small groups of maximum 4 to 5 students

Your level: VDWS Level 2-3, you have already made bodydrags, can launch the kite in the water and/or have already practiced your first water starts.

Included in all packages: 1 x weekly BBQ, KiteWorldWide Guide on site and SUP rental

Advanced Package

(VDWS Level 4-7)

  • 3 hours of semiprivate tuition to achieve individual goals
    Equipment rental for the whole time (from VDWS Level 4)
    The course can be taken flexibly during the week.

Your level: VDWS level 4 or higher, you have already completed a kite course, but running high does not work yet or you want to reach an individual goal.

Included in all packages: 1 x weekly BBQ, KiteWorldWide Guide on site and SUP rental

Event Termine 2020

In May 2020 you can also participate in our Slice of Life Clinic with pro kitesurfer Tom Court in El Gouna. With his experiences your kite level will be coached individually so that you will make very good progress. Having fun together and celebrating success are guaranteed!

Save the dates!

02.- 09.05. and 09. – 16.05.2020

Rental Package

The “Kitesurfing El Gouna Rental Package” includes all additional services and the use of the kite equipment pool in the Makani Beach Club. So you have the right kite for every wind.


Accommodations for your kite trip in El Gouna

Kitesurfers in El Gouna who spend the whole day on the board want to be softly bedded at night. We were in El Gouna and looked at all the hotels and put together the coolest kite hotels in El Gouna for you. Whether it’s a cool kitehouse, a chic boutique hotel or a luxurious golf resort – there’s something for everyone!

The Three Corners Ocean View

The Three Corners Ocean View Hotel is for kiters who want to travel alone, as a couple or as a group and do not want to do without anything. A top kitesurfing hotel with a direct location on the Red Sea coast and exclusively for adult guests. The best thing about it: the hotel is located directly at the top of the marina and has a huge pool with spectacular views directly to the open sea. So you can see directly from your rooms and from the pool if there are already kites in the sky and what the wind looks like.


At the Three Corners Ocean View Hotel you will definitely have a rest at the pool, there is a gym with courses and a direct boat shuttle to Zeytouna Beach where you will find a colorful reef for snorkeling. At breakfast you can recharge your batteries for a successful kite day, at the breakfast buffet there are three live cooking stations. After a day full of kite sessions you can enjoy cool drinks at the pool.


The rooms at the Three Corners Ocean View Hotel are oriental yet modern in style. The incredible panoramic views of the Red Sea and the lagoon are definitely a highlight, and especially handy if you want to check the wind right after getting up. ;)

Ali Pasha

The Ali Pasha Hotel is a small hotel in El Gouna with an ideal location at the Abu Tig Marina and even more important for all kiters, right next to the Tuk Tuk stand. With the local transport you can reach the kitespot in less than 10 minutes. You are not only at the Abu Tig Marina, but also right in the center of El Gouna and therefore close to the local boutiques, the countless restaurants and the trendy nightlife. All rooms in Ali Pasha are currently being renovated, the first of which will be ready for you in November 2019.


At Ali Pasha you can relax in two swimming pools before or after the kite sessions. Guests of the Ali Pasha Hotel also have free access to the nearby Marina Beach at the tip of Marina Abu Tig. Active holidaymakers who want more water action in addition to kitesurfing in El Gouna will find several diving centres around the marina.


Ali Pasha has just renovated all the rooms, which will be ready for you in November 2019. The accommodation is in buildings that form a courtyard around one of the hotel’s swimming pools. Some rooms on the ground floor have a small terrace with access to the garden, while others offer a view of the gardens, the pools or the luxury marina.


Three Corner Rihanna Resort

The resort is located right next to a lagoon and consists of many individual buildings surrounded by a beautiful garden and built with typical domes and arches in Nubian style. Boredom will certainly not be a problem here, because in addition to kitesurfing there is beach volleyball, darts, table tennis, volleyball, water polo, water aerobics, aerobics, boccia, fitness, yoga and so much more! There is also a huge water park with a pool and slides, and even the younger guests have their own area and can have fun in the water. In the restaurant you will be well looked after and there are parking spaces, a laundry and of course Wifi.


The rooms are all bright and friendly furnished. Each has its own bathroom, air conditioning, satellite TV, minibar and telephone, balcony or terrace. There are also different bed constellations with one queen-size bed or two single beds available.

Captains Inn

The Captain’s Inn is a small kitesurfing hotel in the charming Abu Tig Marina, the trendiest district of El Gouna. And a stone’s throw to the Tuk Tuk stand, from where you can be directly at the kitespot in 10 minutes. Guests at Captain’s Inn also have access to the swimming pools of the Ali Pasha Hotel.

For those who want more water sports alternatives than kitesurfing in El Gouna, there are several multilingual dive centres around the marina. This makes the Captain’s Inn a perfect hotel for divers and kitesurfers.


The Captain’s Inn has a total of 50 rooms, including standard rooms, rooms overlooking the marina and two suites. The rooms and suites of Captain’s Inn, located directly on the waterfront promenade, overlook the marina or courtyard and have spacious balconies with panoramic views of Abu Tig Marina.

Ancient Sands

Kitesurfing and golf combined? Why not! The Ancient Sands Golf Resort in El Gouna offers a wide selection of elegantly furnished hotel rooms where you can relax and unwind. And because El Gouna is all about water, you can refresh yourself in one of the five pools before and after kiting. There’s also a wonderful view of the kite spot!

Appartments & Villas

The spacious apartments at Ancient Sands Golf Resort and Residences are modern and classically furnished. All suites have a fully equipped kitchen, separate living areas and private bedrooms where you can feel at home.

Deluxe Room

The deluxe rooms with a size of 40 sqm are the perfect place to relax after a long day of kiting and dream about the next kite sessions.


The Mosaique Hotel is an “Adults Only” hotel and is a bit closer to the kitespot than the other hotels, but a bit further away from the restaurants at the Abu Tag Marina. Both the Fanadir and Mosaique hotels are often used for big weddings.


The Fanadir Hotel is the sister hotel of the Mosaique and is also located at the new Fanadir Marina. The Fanadir Hotel is often used for big weddings. It is in contrast to the Mosaique a family hotel. We are happy to offer you the two hotels, but both hotels are mostly filled with wedding parties (mostly from Cairo) on weekends.


Activities at Makani Beach Club

For all of you who wanted to do more sports besides kitesurfing in El Gouna, we have some suggestions directly at the Makani Beach Club for you. These and many more activities you can do directly at the Makani Beach Club:

Playground Yoga

Playground Yoga (PLAY) trains strength and flexibility with yoga movements.

Spintonic (SPIN)

The mix of spinning and toning is the ultimate workout for endurance and strength. Top to stay on the kiteboard even longer in the next days.

Hot Iron

This sports game is only for tough men and tough women. Under the Egyptian sun, all the muscles on the beach are steeled with weights. And afterwards: off into the cool water!

Massage and Wellness

In the Makani Beach Club in El Gouna you have the possibility to book a relaxing massage between the kitesurfing sessions. The experienced masseurs offer relaxation and sports massages from 20 to 90 minutes. Sea view included.


Generall information about kitesurfing in El Gouna

Your accommodation is directly in El Gouna, only 10 minutes from the spot. The airport in Hurghada is only 35 km north of El Gouna. The airport of Hurghada is only 30 minutes away from El Gouna.

El Gouna is a kitesurfing destination for every level. Kitesurfing beginners appreciate the large standing area and the shallow water. Advanced kitesurfers will appreciate the “laboratory conditions” to practice tricks and new moves. Warm water and steady winds are good for every kite level.

Basically anyone can learn kitesurfing. Age doesn’t matter, neither does fitness level or weight. For every person we have the right material, which is individually adjusted to you.

By the way, kiting is not as strenuous as many fear. The pull of the kite is not held in your hands, but is transmitted to the harness, which you carry around your hips.

Of course. Makani Beach has a huge pool of Duotone Kiteboarding equipment. If you need any of them, please contact us!

The visa for Egypt is available at the airport for 25€. The transfer driver will help you.

You need a passport (which is valid for at least 6 months) or a German identity card (for this you have to bring at least 2 photos).

In Egypt itself you can pay with Euro or Egyptian Pound, as well as with Visa and Mastercard. In the Kiteclub the credit card payment is not possible. You can pay with Euro.

Here is a link for a currency converter:  http://www.oanda.com/lang/de/currency/converter/


  • Flights from northern Europe take about five hours.
  • Flights from Southern Europe take about four hours.
  • The transfer from the airport to El Gouna takes about 30-35 minutes.

Airlines flying to Hurghada:

  • Condor
  • TUIFly
  • and many others

The fare varies between 200 and up to 800€ depending on the season.

Finally landed! With an airport transfer you can easily get to your hotel. If you book through a tour operator like KiteWorldWide, the transfer is organized for you.

In Egypt you will find German connector systems (220 V).

In all accommodations a free Wi-Fi network is available.

– Passport (valid for at least 6 months) or German identity card (bring at least 2 photographs with you)
– Sun cream (minimum SPF 30 and waterproof) and Aprés Sun Lotion
– Bath towel and flip flops
– Light clothes (sweater and long trousers for the evening)
– For beginners who still run a lot in the lagoon, we recommend thin neoprene shoes.
– In summer a shorty is enough, in winter a long neo is already appropriate
– Kite equipment (board, harness, bar and kites)

– What screen sizes do I need to take with me?
A male advanced kiter (level 6 or 7) who weighs about 80 kg: 7 m² – 12 m² (mostly used kite size 10 m²).