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+ Relaxed atmosphere, far away from mass tourism
+ Legendary downwinder, from Préa to Jeri                          
+ Very reliable wind conditions
+ Préa is only 15 minutes away

Are you looking for this one special place on earth, far away from squeaking brakes, blowing horns and everlasting traffic jams? Then Jericoacoara is just the place for you.

Jeri is a place with sandy streets and never ending beaches at its shores. Once there, time has no relevance, leaving you no choice but to relax.

Twenty years ago, this original fishing village had no electricity, telephones, TV’s nor newspapers. Even money was barely used. You can still feel this relaxed atmosphere and it is what makes Jeri, Jeri, as the locals call it, a place you will fall in love with. A typical phenomenon; you always wish you could stay a little longer.

Let the surprising amount of restaurants and lovingly furnished pousadas enchant you. The small village offers – despite its humble size; a great variety of activities. With your feet in the sand you can learn how to perform the Brazilian “combat dance” called Capoeira, go sandboarding in the dunes or try horseback riding along the coast. Around midnight you can check out the amazing nightlife until dawn (if you last)… it’s one of the things Jeris’ residents know how to do very well! You shouldn’t miss out on the Brazilian way of life and their feeling for rhythm! Just do it like the locals and make a ‘siesta’ after an exhausting kite session to be ready for the party at night.

Of course, kitesurfing is an outstanding experience in Jeri. The wind along the main beach is a little gusty, but if you keep going a few hundred meters, behind the big dune, you will be able to enjoy some nice sessions. Five km further downwind the real sweet stuff is happening. At the river mouth of Guriú you will find legendary flat water. The beaches here stretch for miles and miles with a super steady side on shore wind, leaving you crazily satisfied after each session ;-)

After these exciting kite sessions and the wild party nights, you really deserve some relaxation. That’s why we chose a wonderful pousada, the “Vila Kalango” for you. A place you won’t forget.

For those of you, who still have some energy left for more legendary kite sessions, we recommend our pousada in Tatajuba. The trip is absolutely worth it!



Kitesurfing in Jeri

Surfing like a rockstar! From July until February the chances for awesome wind are almost a 100 %. The wind is blowing with constant 18 to 35 knots side on shore. Beginners, intermediates, advanced kiters, families with kids who want to learn kitesurfing, or even the top freestyle Pro’s – are all in the area around Jeri, everybody will find just the right spot to match their needs. Beginners can relax, because there is enough space on the water. And the best thing yet, you can leave your wetsuit at home – the water temperature doesn’t drop below 28 degrees.


Downwinder to Jericoacoara

The starting point is the kitesurf school “Rancho do Kite” in Préa (12 km from Jeri). This spot offers nice kicker waves, perfect for wave newcomers and advanced riders. The wind comes from a the perfect direction, which makes the swell come in nice and clean. Just ask somebody in your pousada or Vanessa from the kite school to organise a downwind trip for you.

Directly in front of the dune in Jeri

Especially during sunset you can rock some legendary session. At this point, a super clean wave rolls in, which is the icing on the cake for wave enthusiasts.


This spot is only 12 kilometers away from Jeri. There is a super long (15 km) fine sandy beach, with lots of space for everybody. The transfer is included.


The wave spot of Tatajuba starts from just behind the river mouth and is right next to the KiteWorldWide pousada. Nice kicker waves invite both wave newcomers and advanced wave kiters, because of the super clean swell.

There is another river mouth directly in Tatajuba, which runs out into the ocean. The entire spot is waist deep during high tide. During low tide you can easily walk straight to the ocean and kite from there. This spot provides a super steady and strong wind. In spite of these perfect conditions, there are just a few kiters around.

Laguna Guriú

Half way between Jeri and Tatajuba you will find this world class spot with water as smooth as glass. Perfect for a freestyle session.

Kitesurfing school

Directly at the spot  and within the grounds of the hotel lies the kitesurf school “Rancho do Kite”. They offer courses taliored to beginners and intermediate kiters as well as equipment to rent. The courses are offered as IKO standard. During the season there are many international kite instructors teaching in various languages. (definitly in english and most likely in German, other languages might be available, too).


Courses / Gear

The school is equipped with up to date gear by Cabrinha Kiteboarding. Rancho do Kite specialises in private tuition as this way you progress a lot faster. They do however offer Group classes for friends or partners if they have a similar body weight. Renting is available for all kiters who are IKO level 3 / VDWS level 4 or higher and can stay upwind. Cabrinha kites are available in sizes 5 m2 to 16 m2 and can be changed depending on the wind.

Attention: Due to the extremely reduced package prices, there are no refunds of costs for the rental equipment or courses in the case of unsuitable weather conditions (too much or too less wind)!

Advanced Course

4 hours / 1 day  /  advanced

Build up course (4hours)- This course is ideal for those of you who have gained some experience already. This 4 hour session is aimed to fine tune your style in regards to jumps and freestyle tricks or to learn to go upwind (kite gear is included).

Intermediate Course

2-3 days/8 hours

Advanced course/ IKO 2 (8 hours) including IKO 1. The focus lies on controlling the kite and learning the necessary technique. But of course the first experiences with your board can`t be missed. (Kite equipement is included for the entire duration of the course)

Beginner Course

3-4 days, 12 hours

Basic course/IKO level 3 (12 hours), including IKO 1 and 2. The main focus lays on exercises on the board. This is the ideal course for all those who can`t wait to kite independently. (Kite gear included)

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Accommodation in Jericoacoara

Vila Kalango

The beautiful pousada welcomes all travelers with its familiar atmosphere, elegant beauty and incredible charm. Vila Kalango is located directly on the beach in Jericoacoara and is the ultimate place to chill and hang out.

This pousada has four different accommodation categories to offer:
All the bungalows and palafitas are furnished with high quality hand made details and provide the best possible comfort.

The 19 meter outdoor swimming pool with ocean view is just waiting for you. Relax on the surrounding sun beds or hammocks. Feel the magic of this place!

During your stay in the Vila Kalango you can admire the spectacular sun set on the big sand dune. If you wish, a picnic will be prepared for you on top of the dune.
Take a buggy ride to a lagoon for fishing, you might catch dinner.


The bungalows offer rooms for up to three people. All in all, there are eight different bungalows available. Each one of them is crescent-shaped and therefore a magnifcient view into the tropical garden is guaranteed. All bungalows have air conditioning.

Comfort Palafitas

With 45 m2 the comfort palafitas can house up to 4 people. They have two balconies with great ocean or dune view. They are perfect for families.


The palafita is great for couples. They offer a 180 degree view on the pousada and its surroundings. The palafita is built on ground level and has plenty of space on 28 m2. The original wooden construction enables a natural ventilation.

Palafita with Dune View

The dune view palafita is perfect for two people. It is built on three meters high eucalyptus stilts. A beautiful view reveals from high above.


The regional catering is delicious and exotic. The menu offers the best of Cearas’ cuisine. Typical regional dishes, like fresh fish and seafood are part of the menu, as well as galinhada, baiao-de-dois, panelada, pastéis de arraia, banana cake, caju dessert, tapoioca and cocada.
They say: “They say, the way to a country’s heart is through its stomach”. Of course, the chefs will prepare international dishes for you or even create a fusion cuisine. This way you can have a real feast in the Vila Kalango.
For a little snack in between, there is a bar/restaurant, which offers home made pies, fruits, breakfast and traditional brazilian snacks.

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Price Calculator & Online Booking

With the following form you can check availabilities and prices for your kite trip to Prea/Jeri and book directly online. If you want to book additional services which are not part of the form you also can make a non-binding request with our request form on this website. You can also fill in this form when we shall look for a matching flight for you.

Further activities in Brazil

Not included in pricing
For those who need something different from kitesurfing, there are beach buggys available for racing in the dunes. For the extreme sport enthusiasts, why not try sandboaring on the dunes.

Pedra Furada
This “perforated stone” is one if Jeri main attractions. Over time the waves have craved an opening into the stone. Annually, during sunset, the sun shines directly through this hole. Needless to say that this creates a magic atmosphere and an impression not to miss.

Delta do Parnaíba
Between the Parníaba river and the atlantic you find 73 small islands.
This tour takes a day. To show you the breathtaking scenary you will cover roughly 500km in a 4×4. On boat-trips through the various rivers you are likely to see a alligator, monkey, fox or heron

Lagoa do Paraíso & Lagoa Azul
One stop at these two lagoons is a must. Enjoy the spectacular colour range created by crystal clear water and strikingly blue sky. Time to relax and let go.

Barrinha & Lagoa de Pinguela
The little fishing village lies directly at the landscape of dunes and turns you into an explorer. The rustic natural beauty of the barrinha beach stands in contrast to the abundant beauty oft he surrounding nature and the magical lagoon.

A Wellness Spa at the hotel offers massages and fuerther wellness therapies to choose from.

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General Info

Entry Requirements

Please keep in mind that you will need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months for your trip to Brazil. As long as you don’t stay longer than 90 days a visa is not required. Please contact your government or the Brazilian embassy for entry information specific to your country.

During your flight to Brazil you will get your tourist ‘card’, to be filled out and kept safe for your departure.

A departure tax of ca. 40$ will apply when leaving Brazil, which has to be paid in cash at the airport check-in.

The Spot

The huge and wide beach in front of Rancho the Peixe with constant side-shore wind provides the maximum of safety. The wind starts blowing in around 10:30 until sunset. For advanced riders, free daily downwinders to Jeri with transfer are included in the price.

You will have 25-30 knots daily, so make sure you bring your smaller kites along.

Vehicles are driving on the beach to the kite clubs and the hotels. Pay attention to the marked area for lunch and land, so your kite will not get dragged away. Use the small sand bags spread around, to keep your kite staying put.


In Jeri you’ll find constant 18 till 35 knots, side on shore winds.

Ideally, you bring a kite range from 5-12m, while a 7 or 9 will be the most used kite.


The local currency is Brazilian Real.

Per day you should calculate between 20 and 45 Euro for food and drinks.

Food and Beverage

In our mostly rather remote destinations, we put great emphasize on the cooperation with farmers, fishers and markets from the surrounding villages. Due to the use of regional and seasonal products, we ask for your understanding that specific diets can only be considered very little – such as lactose free, gluten free or vegan dishes.