Slice of Life – Kiteboarding Clinics with Tom Court


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+ Dates in September & November
+ 5 days intensive training with Pro Kiter Tom Court
+ The right mix between downwinders und perfect flatwater-spots

+ Good chance for strong wind conditions
+ For beginner and advanced levels
+ Fitness Sessions
+ Event T-Shirt
+ Beach-Transfers for downwinders

If you want to push yourself to the limits, on the board as well as in other activities, Tom Court’s ‘Slice of Life’ Clinics are just what you were looking for. Tom will be the host of three Clinics, exclusively for KiteWorldWide, to show you all kinds of aspects when it comes to Pro Kiteboarding and this certain lifestyle. All you need is one week of your time and a lot of fun.

In the mornings you might start with a fitness session, in the afternoon you could achieve your personal goals on the water and in the evening you will relax and enjoy your life on endless beach parties. There is something for everyone on this trip.

As a part of the Clinics, Tom will show you in a 1:1 private session, how you can push yourself to the limits and go even further. Of course he will guide you through the rest of the week and answer all of your questions.

We have two destinations in which three Clinics will take place with Tom as your host.

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Slice of Life Clinic Tarifa

The first Slice of Life Clinic will take place in Tarifa, the worldfamous kitesurf mecca of Europe. Apart from two very reliable wind-systems, we got a beach for you which is ten kilometers long and very open. On top of that there is a lagoon that is filled up with water from the ocean on a regular basis. This will guarantee for a lot of kite action and due to the change of conditions, it will never get boring.  In addition to that, we provide an excellent infrastructure. Tom will show you around and take you to beach bars where you can take the one or another drink in between two kite sessions with him or just enjoy your lunch.

Right in the middle of the picturesque, historic city centre of Tarifa is our KiteWorldWide House. We could arrange that this house is, for the duration of the Clinic, exclusively only for participants of the Clinic. This will create its own special vibe with a mix of kiting and having parties at night. Speaking of parties: Tom knows the best tapas bars in Tarifa and he will take you to several clubs, restaurants and bars.

The Clinic will have a duration of five days. One day will be added for your arrival so you can relax and check out the surrounding area. Another day will be given in the end for your own spare time. If you want to go onto the water one last time, feel free to do so.

Slice of Life Clinic Tatajuba/Brazil

Tom’s second clinic will take place in Tatajuba, Brazil.

Tatajuba is an exclusive spot in the northeast of Brazil which is surrounded by sand dunes. The lagoon that is situated in between the dunes is reservated for participants of the clinic only. If you should decide to kite with Tom on the seaside, which is the other side of the lagoon, you will find yourselves surrounded by nothing more than wind, water and the sun. Not many tourists kite in that area. Brazil offers a unique combination of great conditions: flatwater-spots in the lagoon, waves on the seaside, an uncomparable statistic for good wind and a pousada where you can relax and forget the stressful daily grind – of course with Pro rider Tom court by your side.

Kite Safari Surfin Sem Fim

Tom Court will be your guide at the Surfin Sem Fim Kitesurfing Safari in Brazil. At the moment we have two dates for you:

Classic Path | 03.12. Cumbuco (check in) – 08.12. 2017 Preá (check out)

Delta Path | 10.12. Preá (check in) – 16.12. 2017 Atins (check out)

At the Classic Path you will ride with a downwinder from Cumbuco to Préa at a distance of 260 kilometers together with Tom. This event is best for intermediate riders and five overnight stays are included in your trip.

The Delta Path is 340 kilometers long and goes from Préa to Atins. This tour has 6 overnight stays included and you should be at an advanced kite level if you want to go on this adventure.

Tom Court

Tom Court is part of the North Kiteboarding International Teams since ages, this year he became a member of the KiteWorldWide family as a teamrider. He is known for his progressive style of riding, as well as his numerous videos that are well known along the kitesurfing community. Furthermore, he really pushes the sport kitesurfing forward and tries to develop and refine it. Tom’s videos always show both sides of a pro kiter life: kitesurfing and a lot of fitness on the one hand and endless parties on the other hand.

Tom has been kiting since he was 11 years old. When it comes down to business and his favourite sport, he can be very serious but when it comes to lifestyle you can say that he is really living life. This perfect combination is what it takes to fit into the KiteWorldWide team.


„ampel-rot2.09.2017 – 9.09.2017  Slice of Life Tarifa

ampel-rot 9.09.2017 – 16.09.2017  Slice of Life Tarifa

ampel-orange25.11.2017 – 02.12.2017 Slice of Life Brazil

These dates are arrival and departure dates. Start of the event is one day after arrival.

available: ampel-gruen almost full (1-4 spots available): ampel-orange  unavailable: ampel-rot


+ Accommodation in booked category with breakfast (Tarifa) or full board (Tatajuba)

+ 5 days Slice of Life Clinic with private training

+ Video analysis and pictures

+ BBQ, excursion in the evening

+ ‘After-work’ beer or Mojito

+ Beach-transfers for downwinders

+ Group evening activities such as partys and much more

+ Event T-Shirt

Flight and Accommodation

We offer the events in a package including accommodation. We’d also love to help you with the booking and search the suitable flights for you to get to Brazil or Tarifa. Please have in mind that the transfer from/to the airport is not included. Only exception is a flight from/to Gibraltar for the Slice of Life Clinic in Tarifa.

In Tarifa you will need a rental car. We will provide help with the booking if necessary.

Prices for the Event

Slice of Life Tarifa


1.099€ in single occupancy*

918€ in double occupancy*

Slice of Life Tatajuba


1.280€ in single occupancy*

1.180€ in double occupancy*

*Prizes for the clinic with Tom Court when using your own material. We also offer rental packages.

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Accomodation during the event

KiteWorldWide Tarifa Townhouse

This spanish townhouse is situated right in the middle of the historic city centre of Tarifa. It is completely refurbished with a lot of attention to detail and an andalusian flair. The highlight of this accommodation is the atrium in the middle of the house, and an open and bright inner courtyard.

In the lower levels of the house you will find three studios in a different shape and size with their own bathroom and a small kitchen. In the evenings you can enjoy dinner on a rooftop terrace or in a cozy livingroom-like area. There you exchange your experiences you’ve made throughout the day with like-minded people.

We also have four beautifully furnished bedrooms with an ensuite bathroom. In the house you have access to every area, including the living room, the kitchen and the generously shaped rooftop terrace with a view over Tarifa. Even the harbour and the ocean can be seen from up there so you can always check out the weather and wind conditions.

In addition to that, the ‚Master Bedroom’ comes with its own balcony.


In Tarifa a delicious breakfast is included if you decide to go with the townhouse. In the evenings you are free to choose one of various tapas bars or restaurants in the historic city centre. For lunch you can simply eat at one of the beach bars that are located right at the beach.

In Tatajuba the touristic infrastructure is not as good as in Tarifa, therefore we offer you full board with awesome meals. That means you can completely concentrate on your training.

KiteWorldWide Pousada in Tatajuba

The area of the KiteWorldWide Pousada is divided into two sections. The Pousada section is located approximately 100m from the beach. Here you’ll find the pool, the restaurant and the community areas. In the wide palm garden of the Pousada you’ll always find a quiet spot to relax but also likeminded people to chat, if you feel like it.
The beach site area is located right next to the spot. From here you’ll have a little walk to the restaurant, the pool and the community area but therefore you’ll enjoy pure beach feeling and never lose sight of the spot and the wind.

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General Information

Which entry documents do I need?

Tarifa: Please keep in mind that you need a passport valid for at least another 6 months until expiry or a personal german identitiy card, if you choose to go to Tarifa.

Brasil: Please keep in mind that you need a passport valid for at least another 6 months until expiry if you want to go to Brazil.
If you do not have the german citizienship, please inform yourself about the entry conditions of your country of origin. For this you can contact the Brasilian embassy.

Do I need a visa?

Brazil: Citizens from Germany, Austria and Switzerland don’t need a tourist visa.


Tarifa: Currency is the Euro.

Per day you should calculate between 10 and 20 Euros for food and beverage.

Payment with debit card, Mastercard or Visa card are accepted.

Brazil: Here’s a link for a currency converter;

Per day you should calculate between 25 and 40 Euros for food and beverage.

On site at the pousada you can pay best via Brazilian Real. Credit cards are not accepted.

Please bring enough cash with you, since there are no cards accepted.

Food and Beverage

  • In our mostly rather remote destinations, we put great emphasize on the cooperation with farmers, fishers and markets from the surrounding villages. Due to the use of regional and seasonal products, we ask for your understanding that specific diets can only be considered very little – such as lactose free, gluten free or vegan dishes.