Kite Events – have fun together!

Kitesurfing is an individual sport, but let’s be honest – the community spirit on and beside the water is what it’s all about. Our Kite Events & Camps are special kitesurfing events that are only offered on certain dates and for a very limited number of guests. So you can be trained intensively for your individual level. Whether with our partner Kiteboarding Events on the Kitesafari in Brasil by the awesome landscape or on Sicily at the flat water lagoon you can go kitesurfing together with the experienced team of Kiteboarding Events – all of the events fits perfectly to the intensive coaching program.

At our kite events you will meet like-minded, adventurous kitesurfers on a similar kitesurfing level, who are looking for something new. During the kite events you’ll be together with your team and your coach all the time – the best conditions to learn or improve kitesurfing.

All kite events are about kiting, but also about discovering new spots together, experiencing in the country and pushing each other to a new kitelevel.

This is where the adventure begins:


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