• Hvide Sande Kitespot!

    Flatwater and lot of space to learn kiteboarding

  • Find the best material!

    More than 60 kites and boards available for testing

  • Massive space!

    Incredible variety of spots on the Ringköbing fjord

  • Join the Community!

    Become part of the big kitesurf family

  • Kitesurf together, eat together!

    Cosy holiday home in typical Danish style


We’ve got one spot left for the second and one for the third week.

Otherwise no Stress we still have space at our KiteWorldWide Village in Denmark! For more information click here!

You would like to visit us in Denmark and live right next to the North Sea? Then KiteWorldWide Village in Fjand Badeby is the right place for you!

Stay in cosy cabins and go kitesurfing on your doorstep or on the fjord with the best flat water!


Denmark – Kitesurfing up north with KiteWorldWide & Kiteboardingevents


UK: +44 2036 085 777

+ NEW: Experience a kite event with your own bus or motorhome
+ Dates in September 2020 
+ Six days of intensive coaching with VDWS licensed trainers
+ four to six hours on the water every day
+ very high wind probability
+ Large shallow water and standing area in the fjord
+ For beginners, intermediate and advanced students
+ Theory, Material Training & Self Rescue
+ Get the chance to learn how to ride a foil! 
+ Brand new 2020 material from Core Kiteboarding and Duotone
+ Event T-Shirt
Autumn is the most beautiful time of year to visit one of our northern neighbours, Denmark.  It’s never really that crowded on the waters of Denmark, but in autumn you may just have an absolute dream spot all to yourself.  From September on, there is full-scale wind power in Denmark.  When the autumn storms come in, there are perfect conditions for every level – for wave nuts the North Sea or for the butter flat lovers you can hit up on elf the many Fjords.  The water temperatures in September are also absolutely spot on, after the summer sun has had chance to warm them up.Because we love this country so much and it feels almost like our homespot, we were immediately involved when our partner Kiteboardingevents, with which we have already been working with very successfully in Cape Town, Sicily and Brazil, proposed an event in Denmark.  Together with a team of VDWS-licensed trainers you will spend 6 days on the water so that you can be coached in a targeted manner and progress quickly.The special thing about this camp is that you can decide whether you want to spend the night in a cozy, modern holiday home or if you want to campout in your own vehicle. Regardless of whether it’s a motorhome, van or a mobile home you’re totally welcome to take part in this awesome event.


Kitesurf Camp daenemark-1
Kitesurf Camp daenemark-1
Kitesurf Camp daenemark-1-2
Kitesurf Camp daenemark-1-2
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Bild von iOS
Kitesurf Camp daenemark-4
Kitesurf Camp daenemark-4
Kitesurf Camp daenemark-11
Kitesurf Camp daenemark-11

Kitesurfing in Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande is located right in the middle of a narrow headland, on the Holmsland Klit.  It separates the North Sea and Ringköbing Fjord.  This means that in Hvide Sande there is not only one spot, but two which means you can kite in any wind direction. Perfect for endless sessions.

On the fjord

A shallow water dream.

Ringköbing Fjord offers you perfect conditions on an impressive 300 square kilometres area.  With an average depth of only one and a half meters there is nothing on the fjord apart from a few choppy waves in certain areas.  The ground is predominantly sandy and is interrupted only occasionally by a few sea grass fields. So it is no problem to ride barefoot and in September the water in Denmark is quite warm.

Beginners will love these near perfect learning conditions and will therefore progress quickly.  Freestylers and newcomers who want to learn their first manoeuvres and tricks will also be happy here. And best of all, even if there is a few more riders than normal, Hvide Sande is huge, there is guaranteed enough space on the fjord for everyone.

At the south pier

The south mole of Hvide Sande is a legendary wave region.  Around the southern pier there are clean wave sets running on days with a northwest wind, which can break the two meter mark depending on the wind force.

With its even distances between sets, this spot offers a perfect introduction to a wavekite career.  Whether strapless on a waveboard or strapped on a twin-tip – after a good day at the south pier, everyone leaves the water with a big grin.


Kiteboarding Events is one of the oldest event providers in the kite business and is characterized by high teaching competence, safety, experience and spot knowledge at a very high level.

A partner you can only wish for! Of course Kiteboarding Events also provides a huge material pool with the latest material of different brands. 45 kites and 25 boards are waiting to be put to the acid test by you.


September 2020

 05.09. – 12.09.2020 ampel-rot

12.09. – 19.09.2020 ampel-rot

19.09. – 26.09.2020 ampel-rot

You are also welcome to book several weeks of events together, so that you can get the maximum of coaching.


                                   ampel-gruen  available                                         .

                          ampel-orange  limited bookable (1-4 free)

 ampel-rot   fully booked


+ 6 days intensive group course

+ 4-5 participants per trainer

+ Daily 4-6 hours on the water

+ Professional support by VDWS-licensed trainers

+ Theory, Material Training & Self Rescue

+ Premium training equipment Core, Duotone, Foil equipment suitable for beginners

+ Common evening activities

+ Event Shirt

Arrival and accommodation

Arrival and departure are individual.

If you are flying in you can either fly to one of the major airports like Copenhagen in Denmark or  Hamburg Germany which are both around 4 hours drive.  There is also a couple of smaller airports such as Herning where Ryan Air run a service from London.  If you are coming in a car from the UK you can take a Ferry to Holland and then road trip the rest, maybe even hit up some of the many kite spots in Germany.

Coming from Germany, it is best to take the border crossing Harrislee on the highway A7, then in Denmark on the E45 to Kolding, then from exit no. 64 on the E20 to Esbjerg. From exit no. 73 on the 11 in the direction of Varde, then on the 181 via Norre Nebel to the seaside of Ringkøbing Fjord. From there follow the signs.

The exact location of the house you get from us with the travel documents. Check-in will be around 14:00 so that we can get to the water in the afternoon if necessary.

If you prefer to sleep in your own bed, you can of course also travel by motorhome.

Event prizes

1 week kite – event + accommodation
single room €1,150

in a double room 899€

1 week kite – Event
for all those who arrive in their own camper or van

790 €

Send a request now!

Accomodation during the Kite – Event

KiteWorldWide Beachhouse – welcome to ‘hygge’

‘Hygge’ is a word used in Denmark that describes a very special feeling: being together with nice people, candlelight, good food, a glass of red wine….. We will make ourselves very Hygee in our Danish holiday house in the middle of the dunes of Hvide Sande.

After your successful sessions on the water you can come down here, relax in the whirlpool or drink your first beer on the large roof terrace.  There is a big table, where everyone eats together, is just part of our menu and therefore you can find it in the beach house. Here the meals are discussed together, tips are exchanged and the sessions are analysed.

You can choose between comfortable single rooms or cosy double rooms in a typical Danish style. There is also a large lounge area in the living room, a table football and table tennis tables.  If you feel a little chilly after the day on the water, you can warm up in the sauna before entering the heated pool.


There’s going to be a communal cash box that we will use to go shopping from.  If you don’t feel like cooking there are options to eat out, we will of course have lunch every now and then (not part of the communal cash) or have a fish sandwich on the beach.

More detailed information about the contribution to the community fund can be found in the booking documents.

Get an quotation now!

General information for your kite trip

Please remember that you must have a valid passport or identity card for your trip to Denmark. Since 2017, more and more cars and identity cards have been checked at the border.

EU citizens do not need a visa for Denmark.

If you are arriving from a non-EU country, please check beforehand which entry regulations apply.

We will try to make sure that at the beginning of the event week a trainer drives to Germany and makes a big purchase. Then you should expect about 30€ per person and day. Breakfast is served together in the house between 8.00 and 9.00 a. m., lunchtime there is either the possibility to go out for dinner or to take it with us from home and in the evening we cook together with those who feel like it or go out for dinner.

Denmark pays Danish kroner. 1 Euro currently (as of 29.12.2017) is equivalent to about DKK 7.50.

Kiteboardingevents has for you the newest material of 2019 for testing at the start. Also included are the latest kites and boards from Core Kiteboarding, North Kiteboarding and Cabrinha.