• The Bungalows of La Tour d’Eole

    Luxurious, quiet and authentic!

    Kitesurfen in Marokko, Dakhla
  • Directly located at La Tour d’Eole

    Kite equipment from Duotone at the Ocean Academy

    Kitesurfen lernen in Dakhla OceanAcademy
  • Luxurious bungalows with lagoon view

    Pure relaxation on private terrace

  • The Ocean Academy of Bruna Kajiya

    The kite material is ready!

  • Kitesurfing at the edge of the desert

    Perfect conditions for beginners, freestylers and wavekiters

  • Learn Kitesurfing

    In the lagoon with large standing area

    Kitesurfen lernen Dakhla, Marokko
  • Kitesurfing until sunset

    With like-minded people around you

    Kitesurfen mit KiteWorldWide in Dakhla

Kitereisefinder – Wann willst du weg?

Kitesurfing in Dakhla, Morocco – La Tour d’Eole

Luxurious Ecolodge and Kitesurf Hotel


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+ Luxurious Eco-Lodge with lagoon view: La Tour d’Eole
+ Direct access to two kite spots: the huge lagoon and the “Piscine”, the pool.
+ A lot of space on the water, no other kite school nearby
+ Many other kitespots in the area
+ Perfect conditions for beginners, freestylers and wavekiters
+ Very high wind probability at a very constant wind speed
+ Kite Center Ocean Academy developed by Bruna Kajiya, triple kitesurfing world champion

Kitesurfing in Dakhla and everything you need to know about the kitespots around Dakhla:

Thanks to the pleasant temperatures throughout the year and the constant wind, the Dakhla lagoon is a kitesurfing paradise. And a wind probability that can easily keep up with Brazil. And almost the whole year.

For more than 5 years we are at the northern, “small” lagoon of Dakhla. Action-packed years with lots of wind, fun and more and more kiters… With Jerome, the hotelier of the Tour d’Eole, we found a charming luxury accommodation for kiters on the eastern side of the big lagoon. From now on you can improve your kite level with us in an untouched, not overcrowded kite area with side onshore wind.

With two shallow water spots right in front of the door, the Kitespot is ideal for learning kitesurfing or perfecting freestyle tricks. Since there is no other kite school in the immediate near, the kite spots offer more than enough space on the water. Of course, kite courses are also offered by certified and multilingual instructors – whether for beginners, intermediates or special courses, for example in wave kitesurfing.

The result: A perfect kite destination for beginners, intermediates, freestylers and wavekiters.

At the lagoon is the luxurious La Tour d’Eole, a unique ecolodge and kitesurf hotel. Jerome, who comes from a french hotelier family, has built a beautiful and thoughtful accommodation with his long experience. The hotel is perfectly situated in the middle of the fascinating dune landscape with its stylish and sustainable design. Consisting of 21 private, sheltered bungalows with terrace and views of the lagoon and spot. Also from the heated pool or from the sunbathing lawn you have a wonderful view of the lagoon.

The restaurant offers a refreshing and 100% organic gourmet cuisine and presents the best local products and delicious Moroccan traditions.

And should the wind turns down there are many activities to do.


infinity pool hotel - edited
infinity pool hotel - edited

Kitesurfing in Dakhla

Dakhla kite lagoon: beginners and freestyle spot

Directly at La Tour d’Eole and the Ocean Academy, you will find the kite lagoon, which will let shallow water lovers jump into the sky. The lagoon is influenced by tides, so that at high tide a “pool” forms, where you will find wonderful shallow water conditions. Depending on the tide you have a 150 – 200 meter wide standing area. The ground consists mostly of sand and only some sharp shells or stones. The constant wind comes here side onshore. So this spot offers maximum safety for beginners and best conditions for freestylers. Even in the absolute high season, when the kite camps in the north of the lagoon are full, this side of the lagoon is almost empty.

And a little tip for those who want to learn kitesurfing in Dakhla: find out on our learn kitesurfing page what you can expect in your first kitesurfing lesson.

Further informations about kitesurfing in Dakhla

White Dune: 10 km dream shallow downwind trip

A downwinder from the breathtaking White Dune back to the hotel should be done by any advanced kiter. Therefore we have included this kite trip in Dakhla (Or another trip) also directly for you in the travel price. Accompanied by your experienced kite guide you will be taken by car to the White Dune where you can kite at this dream spot. When you are ready you can go back to the Eco-Lodge via downwinder. Kitesurfers, who are not yet safe enough for this trip, can drive back with the off-road vehicle and experience a real desert feeling with an incredible panorama.

Dakhla kitesurf speedspot: for advanced

In the north of the lagoon you will find the speed spot. The wind comes offshore over an edge, so you have finest shallow water behind it.

Dakhla Kite Worldcup spot: for advanced

In the camp further north, on the same side of the lagoon, a Kite World Cup stop is held every year in March. Here you will find – besides a lot of kiters – a light choppy wave.

Point de l’OR: near Wavekite Point Break for wavekite beginners to advanced

After about 1-1,5 hours driving time with the 4×4 drive you will find a wavekite spot like out of a dream. A point break with sideshore wind and – depending on tide level and swell – up to 500 m long wave. Wave kiters should keep in mind that the swell is rather small in the summer months and should be avoided from September to May. In winter (November to February) the wind yield is not more than 90%, but surfing is a great alternative. The waves can get big here (three to four meters, on some days even more), then you should already know what you are doing. The bottom of the kiteable part consists of sand, so it is safer and suitable for wave kite beginners.

KiteWorldWide Kitereise Packages

As in many other KiteWorldWide destinations we offer you in Dakhla all-inclusive packages for maximum holiday fun – without hidden costs. So your local expenses are limited to an absolute minimum (e.g. for drinks / alcohol).

Accommodation at KiteWorldWide La Tour d’Eole

    • Kite services depending on package
    • Full board (breakfast and 3-course lunch and dinner menu)
    • One kite trip or downwinder
    • If required: Kite Storage

Attention: These are strongly reduced package prices, the costs for equipment / course will not be refunded in case of inappropriate weather (calm or storm)!


Ocean Academy

This professional training center was founded in 2017 in cooperation with Bruna Kajiya, triple kitesurfing world champion and ambassador of the Ocean Academy and is located next to the Ecolodge directly at the lagoon.

Professional instructors and kite equipment from Duotone, coupled with the perfect beginner and intermediate conditions in the shallow lagoon make learning to kite in Dakhla a breeze.

Of course you can also store your own kite equipment in a private closet in the station. There is also access to the changing rooms with warm showers.

Courses / Material


In the Ocean Academy kite school you will be trained by professional and licensed instructors. Only semi-private lessons in small groups of maximum two students take place. This way you will make the fastest possible progress.


The Ocean Academy has kite material ready for your kitesurfing course. The large kite pool consists of the latest kites and boards from Duotone.


(VDWS Level 0-1)

Twelve hours course including kite equipment rental also for the rest of the week, extension days including kite equipment rental. All courses are conducted with a maximum of two students per teacher.


(VDWS Level 2 – 3)

Six hours kite course including kite equipment rental for the rest of the week. All courses are conducted with a maximum of two students per instructor.


(VDWS Level 4-7)

Three hours of private lessons to achieve the individual goal and equipment rental for the entire time. (The course can be taken flexibly during the week)


Kitematerial rental package (from VDWS Level 5)

The big advantage of Dakhla is that Royal Air Maroc takes your kite baggage up to 23 kg free of charge. If you still want to rent equipment, we have a small selection of kites & boards on site.

Private lessons

You are also welcome to take private lessons to achieve your individual learning goal. These can be booked in addition to the Individual Package:

2 h.: 195 €, 4 h.: 345 €, 6 h.: 500 €, 10 h.: 780 €

Get an inquiry for your kite holiday to Dakhla

Accommodation directly at the kitespot

La Tour d’Eole Dakhla

A unique Ecolodge embedded in the dunes at the lagoon of Dakhla. La Tour d’Eole Dakhla is a luxurious Ecolodge and Kitesurf Hotel with lots of comfort that makes the spacious, solid stone built and freestanding 21 bungalows with terrace look like small private houses. The stylish and sleek design is built with sustainable materials and full respect for the local environment. Measures have been taken to protect the environment through the use of our own solar panels and intelligent wastewater treatment.

La Tour d’Eole is like a fata morgana in the surrounding nature, completely furnished with Douglas pine and natural stone.

In the restaurant you can enjoy not only the view of the lagoon or the terrace with plants, but also the culinary and typical Moroccan specialities from the regional kitchen through the floor-deep windows.

Make yourselves comfortable for lunch on the large terrace and enjoy the view of the lagoon in the shade of the wooden pergola. Next door in front of the lagoon is the Ocean Academy building with a beach bar where you can refresh yourself between kite sessions. Also with alcoholic drinks (For Mojito lovers, the bar offers more than 8 versions of this cocktail).

After the kite sessions you can do yoga in the sunset every day for free at 6:30 pm at the Infinity Pool. Private lessons on the terrace of your own bungalow can also be booked for 45€.

You can escape, recharge and be inspired in the wellness rooms with massages or also experts offer manicure and pedicure.

Or in the evening you can enjoy the fantastic view of the spot in the pool and end the day at sunset over the lagoon.


Fully equipped with Douglas pine that blends into the ochre landscape, La Tour d’Eole looks like a mirage. Nestled in the dunes, La Tour d’Eole offers 21 private, sheltered bungalows overlooking the lagoon of Dakhla. With their stylish and sustainable design, the bedrooms are designed to ensure privacy and optimal relaxation.

The bungalows have 35m² and each integrated piece of furniture is unique in stylish design. In fact, La Tour d’Eole has established close links with local craftsmen, so that the work of local carpenters and sculptors can decorate the house with wonderful furniture made by their own hands. The bathrooms are equipped with a stylish Italian shower.

All bungalows are spacious and have their own terrace with a view of the lagoon, ideal for admiring the unique and calming nature and enjoying the sunsets in the evenings.

Catering: Full board

The restaurant La Tour d’Eole offers healthy, tasty and authentic cuisine.

Dakhla has an abundance of good products, such as high quality fish, oysters, lobsters and products from small organic farms. Our chef’s mission is to carefully select products and get the best out of them.

Enjoy a fresh and healthy cuisine at lunch and dinner, which is refined and always tasty.

The restaurant La Tour d’Eole offers a refreshing gourmet cuisine and presents the best local products as well as colorful and delicious Moroccan culinary traditions.

The restaurant, hotel bar and beach bar have alcoholic beverages on the menu. Also not taken for granted in Morocco: there is a very large selection of exquisite wines, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages.

Ocean Academy

Our Ocean Academy is located at an excellent kitesurf spot. You have access to two spots: the lagoon and the so-called “pool”, where you will find the best shallow water conditions at high tide.

La Tour d’Eole is the first facility to be built in this coveted and still very pristine location by Bruna Kajiya, the triple kitesurfing world champion: It is a paradise for beginners and demanding professionals. Duotone’s kite equipment is renewed every year, our professional instructors are certified and multilingual.

The licensed teachers train in the untouched shallow lagoon with lateral onshore wind.

Further activities in Dakhla

Activities included in the price of the trip*

White Dune

The weekly trip to the breathtaking White Dune – either as a downwinder back to La Tour d’Eole or by jeep – brings you closer to the desert feeling of the Sahara with incredible panoramic views.

Excursions to the natural spectacle, Sebkhet Imlily

In the south of Dakhla there is a real natural jewel in the heart of the desert. Here, on sandy and rocky paths, the water flows miraculously. Sebkhet Imlily is a unique wetland in southern Morocco. In fact, you can observe dozens of large holes in the ground scattered as far as the eye can see. In contrast to the aridity of the region, these waters are rich in fish.

* Please note: A weekly kite trip or downwinder is included in your package. For all additional activities and excursions there are extra costs on site. Please contact your local guide for more information.

Further activities in Dakhla

Activities that you can book on site

Daily sunset yoga sessions by the pool

Catharina is our trained yoga teacher who is in Dakhla all year round. Every day at sunset she offers for free yoga sessions directly at the pool with a view of the lagoon. So you can let a successful kite day come to an end.

Stand Up Paddling (extra charge)

Stand-up paddling is the trend sport of recent years and offers an optimal whole body workout for young and old. From Big Wave Surfing in Hawaii to the shallow waters of the Hamburg Alster, SUPs can now be found everywhere. The big lagoon, where our kitespot is located, offers you a great start and end point for a SUP tour.

Price examples

In the following you will find price examples for the next months. The prices are real prices (no “from” prices). Please understand that fares are subject to change without notice. Other departure airports are of course also possible, if you have specific questions please contact our team!

Basic Package

+ 1 week in a bungalow at the La Tour d’Eole Kitecamp in double occupancy
+ Full board
+ Kitestorage and use of the infrastructre of the kiteschool

Price per person in double room: 1101 €

Beginner package:

+ 12 hours kite course for beginners including kite equipment rental for the whole week
+ 1 week in a bungalow at the La Tour d’Eole Kitecamp in double occupancy
+ Full board
+ Use of the infrastructre of the kiteschool

Price per person in double room: 1833 €

We are happy to help you find the best flights to Dakhla – Morocco. You can fly from various airports to Dakhla with a short stopover in Casablanca. Prices vary in terms of booking date and availabilites (from 380-850€).


General travel information

La Tour d’Eole Kitehotel is located on the eastern side of the lagoon of Dakhla.
The airport transfer takes about 1-1,5 hours. (depending on traffic volume) and costs 25€ p.p. for 4 persons in the car.

Please remember that you will need a passport valid for at least 6 months to travel to Dakhla.
If you are not a German citizen, please ask the Moroccan embassy about the entry requirements of your country of origin.

At the moment there are no visa fees for German citizens. Think of a pen that you can use to fill out your entry and exit visa at the airport.

Immediately after your arrival, you will be picked up by the resort staff and expected on site by the team.

The airport transfer takes about 1-1,5 hours. (depending on traffic) and costs 25€ p.p. for 4 people in the car.

There are currently no direct flights to Dakhla. So there are (recently) two ways to go to the kitesurf paradise. We tested both and negotiated special conditions for KiteWorldWide guests. Of course we take care of your complete flight and travel planning to Dakhla.

Over Casablanca

Royal Air Maroc is the best airline to get to Dakhla. It flies from Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Zurich via Casablanca directly to Dakhla. Journey time approx. 7-8 hours. Of course there are also other airlines flying to Casablaca, but from Casablanca Royal Air Maroc is the only airline offering flights to Dakhla.
The return flight is the same as the outward flight with a stop over Casablanca.

Here is a link for a currency converter: http://www.oanda.com/lang/de/currency/converter/

In Morocco you can pay with Moroccan Dirham (MAD) (credit cards are usually accepted).

There are two different types of connectors on site. The German, as you know it (type C), and type E (127 and 220 V).
Internet is available and free of charge in all accommodations!

    • Catering: Extensive full board with 3-course lunch and dinner menu.
      Water with the meals is included, further – also alcoholic beverages – can be consumed in the restaurant against small surcharge.
    • We attach great importance to cooperation with farmers, fishermen and markets from the surrounding villages. Therefore we ask for your understanding that due to the regional and seasonal product selection we can only cater to certain needs to a very limited extent, e.g. lactose-free, gluten-free or vegan food.

Passport (valid for at least 6 months)

Sun Cream and Après Sun Lotion

Bath towel and flip flops

Light clothes (sweater and long trousers for the evening). From November – February , in the evening a thin wind jacket.

The Atlantic is cold, so we generally recommend a wetsuit.

Kite equipment (board, harness, bar and kites)